Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly weigh in and goal update!

Well i have to tell you that lately i've been trying to listen more to my body :) Sounds kind of corny but well i think we're coming to a mutual understanding.

Even when i'm eating very healthy if i eat too many carbs i get cravings from ~*%^!! I mean all i am thinking about is eating 24/7. And all i want is more carbs and sugar anyway i  can get it.

Now even when i don't give in to this it's not very easy to live this way. And yes i know we all need carbs, i'm just beginning to believe that some carbs are way better for me than others. 
I do well with loads of veggies, some fruit, some complex carbs. I also seem to feel better when i up my protein and my fats. (Although they are good for you fats) And i'm going to be upping my dairy.

So this week you may notice that i'm not eating much bread, or pototoes or cereal. I'm just trying to tweak things so that they work for me :) Hopefully!

The other thing i'm thinking about is giving up my other blog but posting food pictures now and again on here! Any thoughts??

Now onto my weekly weigh in: this week i'm down  -.6 bringing me to 133.  I'll take that will a smile.

Last weeks goals:

This weeks goals:
1. I've really been stressing about being so close to goal and not getting there. This week i want to relax my thinking about that! I think stress will just keep me over eating and then i'll never get there! So laid back i will be :)- I have been a lot more relaxed about it this week and i'm trying to keep my eating simple and in tune with how my body feels :)

2. Keep the house up! I've cleaned and organized, now i want to keep it that way :)-ummmm well it was clean at the beginning of the week!! Oh well there's always this week.

3. Would like to play around with make up a bit this week. Yep i'm going all girlie!!-I did i even went to the Mac counter and bought some things.

4. Exercise :)-Well honestely, not as much as i would have liked to but at least i got some in!

This weeks goals:

1. Keep trying to listen to how things affect my body. And try to make my eating still enjoyable :)

2. This week i start working out with my group so i will be going for more group walks, yoga and workout out at a gym. This week is walking.

3. Drink my water.

4. Feel good about myself and focus on the positives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm trying to listen to my body this week, too. I'm realizing that if I eat an afternoon snack even if I'm not hungry, it tends to send me spiraling into munchie mode! My goal this week is to ditch the afternoon snack, eat more at my other meals and see how it goes. I'm trying to lean toward more "intuitive eating" and just eating when you're hungry. That's a novel idea ,huh?? lol!

  2. Hey Suzi! Those are great goals. I was told that if you eat a bit of protein or healthy fat with carbs it will help you with cravings! :)

  3. I think it's a good thing to try to eliminate certain carbs. I am thinking that will help with your crazy cravings.

  4. Making it work for you! That is what it is all about! Good for you!

  5. It's awesome to see your progress. (You are at my goal weight!) I agree with you about the carbs! Some are okay, and some trigger nasty cravings!

  6. Great job on the loss! :-)

    I say go ahead and post the food pictures on this blog. I for one wont' mind! :-)

    (In answer to your question in the comments on my blog...the Turkey Burgers I made the other night....simply ground turkey, a little bread crumbs, salt and pepper.....simple, plain but ohhh so tasty)