Friday, February 20, 2009

Well i found out the results!

Of the angio plasty cat scan i had last week! I'm going to have to have a stent put in May he's hopeful he can do it as it's nearly totally blocked!!

For exercise today i went to meet my walking group and of course took some photo's :) I just can't help myself!! Very windy today.

Oh and snuffy says hi! Although he's busy right now figuring out the bathtub :)


  1. Sorry to hear you have to get a stent. Great pictures, I can't believe you walk in the cold, brrrrr. Cute cat!!!

  2. Wishing you much success with the stent! Your pictures are so pretty, just the way I like to look at snow,,, in someone else's pictures not outside where I am at :)

  3. Hi Snuffy!

    Yikes on the stent. You don't sound worried. You must really trust your doctor. That's great!

  4. that is so scary! Thank God for prevention!

  5. I am glad you will be able to get the surgery done soon, but how scary!

  6. My dad just got stents put in. It went well and he is doing better now.
    I wish the same for you!!

    Snuffy is the cutest!

    Great pics, love how you show us what you see when you walk.

  7. I really hope your stent goes well. It must be hard to have to wait for months though! Speedy recovery wishes to you.

    And your cat looks like my cat but thinner. Yes I have an obese cat :)

  8. That's good that you got the result so quickly and that your doctor knows how to proceed. ((hugs))

  9. I'm sry about the blockage. Why May?? Why not now?
    If you have any specific questions about your angioplasty, I can help?

  10. Good luck with the stent procedure. I've got mixed feelings about them.

    I had a stent put in back in 2005, and now the doctors want to do another one. I told them no.

    This time, I'm hoping to get better results without surgery, by following the vegetarian diets of doctors Ornish, Esselstyn and MacDougall.

    Best wishes to you.

  11. Beautiful pictures! When will you have the stent put in? What is the recovery time?

  12. I like to look on the bright side of things so I'm not going to say sorry about the need to have a stent put in. I'm going to say, "Thank the Lord that you had the angioplasty that you found out the need to have a stent!"

    Give Snuffy a pet for me and tell him that if he ever really figures out the bathroom drain conundrum, that my cats would love for him to let them know the answer!