Friday, March 27, 2009

Back to work again...

Yes it's back to work today :) And being that it's friday it's going to be a busy one. Did i tell you they have a new donut out now at work, key lime!!

So i'm on my way out the door for a walk. Weights have already been done today, but i have a confession to make. Yesterday although i had planned to, i chose not to exercise but to take a day of rest and i'm o.k with that. I think i needed it.  I'm still 4/5 days this week so far. Not too shabby.

Does anyone else ever just get tired? Tired of journalling, counting points, counting calories, worrying about exercise, trying to get water in!! I must admit yesterday i just felt tired of it all. Today not as much, but sometimes it does get overwhelming. What do you do when you get like that?? Any suggestions?? I'm not giving up but sometimes it just seems to take so much energy out of me, and i feel like i'm alone in this fight!!

Oh well i must get some things done before work :)


  1. I do find that I get tired of tracking everything, but I normally get over it because I know what the alternative would be.

    Now that I have decided to switch to maintenance I have chosen to have one treat evening a week (normally on a Friday or Saturday night). I save all my FPs and any APs that haven't been consumed and just have what I want.

    Just that break from one evening is enough for me, but then I get right back on track.

    Good luck!

  2. i have def been there before. when i get to the point where i don't want to track i give myself the day off and usually by the time the next day rolls around i'm ready to get back to tracking again. but sometimes i think i'm a little too addicted to it! lol

  3. Heavens yes, I get tired of all this tracking "stuff". But like Krista, I try to remember what the alternative might be. That usually peps me up and gets me back on track. After all, it was the not thinking about what I was eating that got me into trouble in the first place. You're doing so well, I know you'll finish this stronger and healthier. Keep at it.

  4. First of all....yes, I do get tired of counting points, tired of exercising, tired of this whole shebang.

    Secondly, your body most likely needed a break. I try to give myself one day a week rest as I know that my body needs it.

    Keep up the great are doing wonderful!

  5. I only workout 4x a week because I do need time to do other things.

    I quit counting and tracking quite awhile ago. However, I have my general meals planned - breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner - and have selections within those categories. No other kind of food passes the door. So, it takes the guess work out of it. And, I rarely eat out.

    I agree, it can start to weigh on ya.

  6. I hear you. Sometimes I just want to just "be", you know - and not have to think so hard.
    But, it goes away.

    And a key lime donut? That sounds kind of weird LOL!

  7. I have been there. I do believe it needs to be changed up a bit once in awhile, find new ways to get happy about tracking and counting.
    Whatever you do don't give up on it.

  8. Rest days are extremely important, as much for the mind as for the body. Good for YOU for listening to your body's needs!

  9. when I get that way, I give myself a day off and it really seems to help! The donut sounds interesting!

  10. You are not alone. This weekend was one of my worst. And I partly help people for a business with weight issues. I was just soo down and depressed, partially because of financial problems.
    The way I deal with it is by sleeping a lot and avoiding the world. I don't think thats the best way of doing it though.
    Hang in there.