Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to work today

I'm working for someone else today so i get tomorrow off instead :)

The plan for today is to do some weights, and either go for a walk or do a DVD before work.

Wow i can't believe how much i'm enjoying working out! Used to be hard to get the energy to get up off my chair.

Had 2 NSV's yesterday:
1. Just a few blocks before i got to the meeting i checked my watch and it was getting really close to when i should be at the office! So i was going to hop a bus the rest of the way. I thought about it and realized that i was making excuses and i did have enough time to get there and get more steps in!

2. When i went to the meeting they had a shepherds pie, homemade butter tarts, cheese, fruit and buns. I was thinking about having a butter tart but decided it would be a set back so i decided not to. Also when i used to go to meetings i would spend a lot of time deciding whether to up to the table to get seconds. It used to be the main thing on my mind. By not wanting this stuff anymore i have paid more attention to the meeting and i feel good about myself when i go home!

Well that's all i can think of today. Have a great day :)


  1. Good for you! That food sounds amazing. You must have some great willpower to resist it :). You must have felt great when you where done and realized that you were able to resist the urge to eat.

    Great job!!!

  2. What a woman!! Bravo! Your willpower is really something. I'm impressed with your mindset shift. I'm working on it, but you've done it. Great work.

  3. WTG, great will power, you did awesome.... keep it up!

  4. WAY TO GO with saying no to the bus! :)

  5. YEA for NSV's!!! You make me proud.

  6. It may seem hard to avoid some of these "yummy foods" until we really learn what they do to our bodies.

    I used to be a huge fan of butter tarts until I faced the ingredients square in the face and realized "who am I kidding" There is nothing healthy or even beneficial about them, and the more we realize that about many foods, the healthier we can be. As for taste, I don't even flinch now, because the thought of a healthy body and knowing the damage they do inside actually makes them repulsive.

    Congrats on holding out on them :)

  7. You are doing so good!!
    Way to go!

  8. Well done turning down the homemade butter tart, and for realising when you were trying to make excuses for taking the bus! That's progress!