Saturday, March 14, 2009


Wow, last night was crazy last night!! It was out the door busy when i started and it was so full of people and so loud it was driving me nuts :)

However, at least the night went quickly. And then i was on my way home where the hubs had made a nice cup of green tea for me! Every night that i work he has a cup of tea waiting for me, he's been doing this for 16 years. O.k he's a keeper.

So today will be my 7th day out of 7 for exercising. I'm going to go for another walk today. 

Oh Cammy is giving away a weight watchers cookbook be sure to go visit her for a chance to win it!

That's all for today, stay tuned for my weekly weigh in and goal update tomorrow.


  1. Aw your hubby is definitely a keeper! :)

  2. hubby is so sweet! Mine made me a cup last night while we watched CSI.....but that was after a little pouting and hinting from me :)

    He says even after a week and a half I am still milking my "surgical procedure".......(skin tag removal ;)

  3. I hope it didn't take all 16 years to decide he was a keeper LOL
    Great job on the exercising!

  4. I think it's worth keeping!
    Does he have any brothers I could date?? LOL

  5. that is so sweet. husbands are not that bad after all.

  6. What a couple of sweethearts! Your husband for making you tea, and you for mentioning my contest! Thank you!

  7. GREAT job on the exercising...I was on track for 7 out of 7...and then missed a day...oh well, I will try again!

    What a great guy you have! I am sure a cup of tea hit the spot after a busy busy night!