Monday, March 23, 2009

Oops i did it again!

Yes the treats finally got to me! I was o.k. until i went to work where there was a big box of chocolates on the table. And yep i grabbed a couple. Then while i'm eating my dinner a very nice lady that works there gave  me some homemade Baklava :) Oh my it was sooooo good and well worth the points i used, but when i got home i threw out the rest so that i wouldn't be tempted anymore.  I didn't use all my flex points and i have enough left for the rest of the week, plus i never use my activity points so i'm not really worried. But yep, i'm human. Unfortunately i forgot my camera at home :(

Yesterday i did a WATP dvd and did my weights!! And today i'm going to be shampooing a friends carpets, plus my weights :) So that makes 2/7 days this week so far.

I'm also working on catching up to housework. A little bit a day goes a long way!

That's all for today.


  1. Mmm! Homemade baklava! You did well to throw out the leftovers.

    Well done with all of the activity you've been doing, too.

  2. Human-ness is the hard part of this thing. Who wants to be the one always passign up treats? Once in awhile you gotta give in!

  3. Baklava!! Who could resist? And one certainly wouldn't want to be rude by saying no. Besides, one cheat won't hurt. You've said you're feeling strong and healthy so why not "slip" slightly then jump back on the wagon?

  4. Congrats on having the oh so very strong willpower to throw the rest of the baklava away!!! Way to go!!!