Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks guys :)

I received the nicest e-mail from someone who has been following my blog for about a year!! Thank you Linda :) You made might day. And a big hug and a thank you to everyone who sent such nice comments!!

Today i'm off to a meeting and then i'm meeting my walking group and hopefully taking some new pictures.

I am feeling better today. I guess we all just have some days that are harder than others.

I don't want to offend anyone but i felt i should warn people what my experience was. Remember a while ago i did very, very low carb. It was actually the first two weeks of south beach. Well at the end of the two weeks i felt really, really bad. I had an incredibly dry mouth no matter how much i drank and i had zero appetite, in fact i had to force myself to eat.
Well it turns out that when you do low/no carb. It's incredibly hard on your kidneys. And remember i have bad kidneys and in fact one doesn't function. Now i didn't know this when i was eating this way. I found out from my dr after. The reason i was incredibly thirsty is that the kidney are working so hard to process the ketones etc that you become dehydrated. Now this is just my opinion and no i'm not going carb crazy now. It's just that i can never again go that low in carbs and if i was to ever do south beach again(which i probably will never) i would start at level 2 or 3 where there are more carbs. I just felt i better warn you, especially if you've ever had problems with your kidneys.

Anyway i'll be back later with pictures i hope. Although it is raining and dull here again today!!


  1. I had similar problems when trying the Atkins diet. Not as sever as you experienced, tho'. I still think sensible eating is a better solution. And clearly, you are doing just fine with your plan. I'm looking forward to the pictures. I really enjoy them.

  2. I am not a fan of these diets. I think we just need to keep busy, make smarter decisions and of course smile. :) My take anyway!

  3. wow...i didn't know that no carbs did that...thanks for posting that info & glad you found that out so you didn't hurt your body!

  4. Wow....quite interesting! Thank heavens you quit eating like that before any real damage was done.

    And your post is just one more chance for me to get up on my soapbox and say that 'a balanced diet' is really the way to go. We need those carbs....we even needs some fat. Some things just in moderation.

  5. too low on carbs can be rough :) I didn't like that something healthy like fruit was so off-limits :) After all.....God put it on earth ;)

  6. A friend of mine is starting dialysis. :( I had no idea about low carbs and the kidneys. Thanks for the info. Good thing I was never able to give up carbs I guess. :)

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. No matter our approach to healthy eating, we can all benefit by information like this. In fact, we need to gather all the info we can to make better decisions.