Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly weigh in and goal update....

I had a fantastic week!! I exercised 7 out of 7 days, i was bang on in the eating department, but i stayed at the same weight. And you know what?? I'm perfectly o.k. with that. I'm feeling strong and healthy and that means more to me than what the scale says :)

Here's my stats for this week:

1.# of days on plan-7  
2.# of days i exercised= 7  
3.Out of 35 flex points i used=10  
4.Activity points earned=16  
5.Activity points used= 0  
6.Average steps this week from my pedometer= 9,209/day

And here's last weeks goals:
1. To exercise at least 5 days this week.Done 
2. Drink 8 cups of water a day.Done 
3. Keep enjoying my food by planning ahead.I loved my food this week and yep i planned it all! 
4. Practice de-stressing.I went through some major stress this week but dealt with it and moved on :)

This weeks goals:
1. To exercise at least 5 days this week again :)
2. Try to drink green tea daily.
3. Keep doing my weights every morning.
4. Relax!!  


  1. Congrats on your fantastic week!

  2. Spunkysuzi,
    Great job exrercising every day. It sounds like you really had a great week being on track. Sometimes it's so hard just to not gain especially when you are so close to your goal. So great job staying the same weight :). With staying on track like you have you will be at goal in no time.

  3. Way to go!!!!
    You are so awesome to workout 7 days.

  4. Hi Suzi, congratulations on your stellar week. You did awesome!!!

  5. An excellent week! Well done!

  6. you definitely had a great week! i wouldnt worry too much about the scale. this happens to me pretty much all the time - I eat well and exercise and then the scale just stays the same. you are doing well so just keep at it!

  7. Great job this week! 7 days WOW, that is awesome.

  8. To get consistent weight loss, don't go too extreme here. You should develop healthy habits that you can keep up with for a long time. Not some quick fix diet that helps you to lose weight but then you blow right back up.

  9. You're a rock star!! Congrats on a terrific week. Makes me anxious to get my week off to a good start, too.

  10. Woo-Hoo, you're ROCKIN' it Suzy!!

  11. Awesome job!! To exercise 7 out of 7 days is great.