Saturday, April 4, 2009

Change of plans!

Well i'm sitting here eating my breakfast (2 pts berry scones) and all i can hear outside is the howling wind and i see little snow flakes flying by!!! So i think today is going to be a WATP dvd :) See Ron your rubbing off on me :) 

For some reason since Thursday i've thought it's Sunday when i wake up, gee  you think i want work to be over with or something!

So i'm working with a really nice lady last night and she says hold on i've got something to show you. And she takes out these photo's and honestly i did not recognize her, she's lost over 100 lbs!!! Wowsa's, how awesome is that?? Now i know people do it but i don't usually know them personally. She went on to explain that since she lost it she's gained 20 lbs and she's getting serious again about getting that off!! Good for her :) And imagine we both work in a donut shop!
She has inspired me.

So i'm making a list of new questions to ask, probably next week. Hope that's o.k. with everyone. It seems that everyone loved reading all the answers you guys provided, so i figure lets go for round two!

Anyway that's my day and i'm off to get my food ready for the day and get ready for work. See you later :)


  1. LOL, Hope you get a good workout with that DVD. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. still LOVE my WATP dvds :) Right now I'm focusing on the 30 Day Shred to mix things up a bit with my body. I still walk but I think my body may have been adjusting to that level. I wish we had some hills around here because that is a great way to kick up the intensity. Kansas is pretty flat!

    The best WATP dvd I have (the most challenging) is the Walk Slim 4-mile Fast and Firm one. I love the final mile with the resistance band.

    Looking forward to the new questions!

  3. Your scones look really delicious, wish I had a few with my hot tea lol. Hope work goes ok for you and Sunday is tomorrow *smile*. I'll have to look back through your posts to find the first round of questions your talking about. Thanks for the comments on my blog too.

  4. Wow...snow...we are expecting a high of 71 today and 76 tomorrow. but we will be in panic mode Monday eve trying to protect blooming plants from the cold weather headed our way.
    I loved reading everyone's answers to your questionnaire this week. Any change you will be asking what can take the place of buttered popcorn on movie night? :-)