Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More questions :)

I enjoyed doing this so much the last time i decided to do it again!! And yes i will answer these in the comments as well.

1. What is your favorite meal of the day?? Any reason??

2. Do you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer??

3. How much red meat do you eat??

4. Do you use non-stick spray?? Do you use it on anything other than baking pans or pots??

5. What supplements do you take?? Vitamins, omega 3's etc...


  1. 1- breakfast
    2-occasional wine or cooler
    3-red meat 2-3 times a week
    4-I use spray only on pots and pans, I have tried it on food but would rather just brush on olive oil.
    5-one a day vitamin, echinecea

    Thanks for sharing with us everyday, I look forward to checking in everyday!

  2. Fun!

    1. Dinner/Supper - especially if I don't have to make it.

    2. Me no likey wine or beer much. I'm a maragrita/mixed drink kinda girl. *hiccup*

    3. I probably eat red meat, on average, twice a week. That's a lot less than I used to.

    4. I use the canola oil spray. I do like to spray it on my potato fries before putting them in the oven. Add a little seasoning on top of that and it's yumm-o! I also will spray some on top of frozen broccoli before nuking it.

    5. I take a 'weight conscious' multi vitamin and a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement every day.

  3. 1. Dinner because this is the meal that I always cook. Lunch is ussually leftovers, salad ect. and breakfast ussually an english muffin w/ peanut butter. These meals are not very exciting.

    2. I don't drink wine or beer.

    3. I eat red meat about 1-2 times a week just because of the cost.

    4. I use non-stick cooking spray on every thing. My favorite is to put frozen perogies on a baking sheet and spray with cooking spray. Then bake until crispy. (Tastes like fried). Love it!

    5. I don't take any supplements or vitamins. I know I should but I hate swallowing those pills. Yuck!

  4. I am all excited to answer these, I did not do it last time.

    1. I can't explain why but I love lunch time.
    2. I don't like wine or beer but give me vodka we are all set!
    3.Almost none, about maybe 1-2 per month.
    4.Pam and I have a olive oil spritzer.
    5. When I remember I take a woman's one a day mutli.

  5. 1. What is your favorite meal of the day?? Any reason?? Breakfast...I just love ALL breakfast food.

    2. Do you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer?? Don't like beer or wine, but I'll take a mixed cocktail:)

    3. How much red meat do you eat?? Not alot - maybe a few times a month.

    4. Do you use non-stick spray?? Do you use it on anything other than baking pans or pots?? Yes, on pots and pans only.

    5. What supplements do you take?? Vitamins, omega 3's etc... Multivitamin, Evening primrose oil, Flaxseed oil, milk thistle.

  6. O.k here's my answers:

    1. What is your favorite meal of the day?? Any reason?? You know i love my breakfast :)

    2. Do you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer?? Usually i'll take a glass of wine but sometimes on a hot summer night i'll enjoy a beer (or two)

    3. How much red meat do you eat?? We try for no more than once a week but i'm not strict about it!!

    4. Do you use non-stick spray?? Do you use it on anything other than baking pans or pots?? I use it on pots i also spray it on veggies to roast, I must use it quite a bit because i seem to go through a can quite often!

    5. What supplements do you take?? Vitamins, omega 3's etc... I take calcium, vit D, omega 3, multi vitamin

    I'm loving reading the answers you guys are giving :)

  7. I love these questions:
    1. I usually look forward mostly to breakfast because I work out early in the a.m. and am starving by the time break time rolls around, I've also been known on occasion to have breakfast for supper.

    2. I'm no wine-o but I do love my beer. I try to stay away from it during the week and have a few (too many) on the weekends.

    3. I barely eat any red meat. I much prefer a chicken breast over a steak. As a matter of fact I don't think I've ever had a steak in my life. I think its more a texture thing than anything else.

    4. I do use non-stick spray whereever I can..on frying pans, and baking pans as well as in my tupperware (to prevent spaghetti sauce from staining them).

    5. Right now the only supplement I take is Prenatal Multivitamin.

  8. Ponder, ponder...answers:
    1. Dinner because of the wide variety of things to chose from.
    2. Adult beverages ROCK!! In any form, at any time. :)
    3. Try to limit red meat to once a month nowadays.
    4. I use a MISTO mister for olive oil, and use it constantly. I like to lightly spray asparagus, broccoli, potato etc. then salt & pepper. Then roast or grill.
    5. Multi-vitamin, CoQ10, Fish Oil, Calcium w/D, Glucosamine Chrondroitin, Vit C, and a baby aspirin. This is where I picked up 70 extra calories per my Fish Oil & Glucosamine Chrondroitin. BoooooHisssss!

  9. 1. Dinner. It's still my biggest meal of the day.
    2. I don't drink alcohol.
    3. I eat more chicken and turkey, but I still enjoy red meat a couple of times a week.
    4. I use non-stick spray. I even sometimes spray it on my jacket potatoes before I cook them to make the skin crispier.
    5. I don't take supplements; I try to get all my vitamins and nutrients through a wide variety of food.

  10. Hi suzi!

    1.I love breakfast foods, but really I just love eating. lol. Every meal is a great thing!

    2.I tend to over indulge in alcohol and then I have been known to binge eat. So I'm abstaining for the next several months. But when I drink I like hard alcohol and beer...oh and

    3.I eat read meat once every 3 or 4 weeks. I eat chicken or fish twice a week. Mostly I get protein from quinoa, beans and edamame. no stick spray! I have a manual pump that I use for olive oil, and I spray butter pam on my air popped popcorn. Also, I've been making oven veggie egg rolls and I spray them to get them golden and crunchy.

    5.Andrew Weil Multivitamins, and a Calcium Supplement w/Vitamin D.

  11. 1. Favorite meal is breakfast-I always have a green smoothie, that is the time of the day I feel the best.

    2. I don't drink alcohol

    3. Occasionally I will eat red meat, I try to stay away from it though.

    4. I use an olive oil spray for my cooking.

    5. *Blackstrap molasses for alcium and iron
    *Flaxseed and cod liver oil
    *MSM for joiny relief and long healthy hair
    *Chromium to regulate blood sugar

  12. 1. Breakfast, because I love eggs. But sometimes I'll eat soup for breakfast or leftovers and eggs for lunch.

    2. Wino here. A glass a day, and sometimes two. Yellowtail Cabernet.

    3. Almost no red meat. I occasionally put some in chili or a casserole. we just don't like big chunks of meat.

    4. I don't use a non-stick spray.

    5. It is a coincidence that I am posting right after Jennica because we also take Blackstrap molasses and Cod liver oil. The only other thing we take is Vit C.

  13. I think I need to do this on my blog too. The responses are great.
    1. Lunch. Usually didn´t have much to eat in the morning and am most hungry. But also because it´s the "big" meal of the day.
    2. Yes usually on weekends
    3. Yes. We are ranchers and love our meat. About 4 - 5 times a week
    4. No.
    5. Calcium, Soy, Vitamin for hair/nails

  14. After saying i only try to eat red meat once a week i'm having it again tonight on a salad :) We do try but tonight i need to run out the door to my walking group and sliced steak on a salad is sounding really good!! Just didn't want anyone to think i was fudging!

  15. 1. Breakfast - it's always OP ALL the time and I love it!

    2. Wine I love, but white and blush fruity ones.

    3. OMG I never really thought about it but hardly ever! I'd say once a month? lol

    4. I have a "Misto" sprayer that you put olive oil in and pumpe it and it sprays exactly like an aerosol spray. I used it for frying and coating things for the oven.

    5. I take a One-a-day women's mult, a Vit D and Omega 3's (WHEN I remember!)

  16. 1. 1st Dinner lol. Right around 4 I start to need more food.

    2.Only for special occasions

    3. Maybe 2-4x a week. Awhile back it was mayube 6x :(

    4. PAM user here!

    5. No, but I'm starting to think I should...

  17. Fun!

    1. Breakfast- because I am always starved when I wake up. beer is bloating

    3.hardly any red meat- not a vegetarian just not a fan.


    5.multi, glucosamine and chondritin, calcium

  18. 1. Breakfast - because I usually am still on track for the day at breakfast.

    2. Not often. Nothing against an alcoholic beverage, I just really don't enjoy the taste that much.

    3. Not alot. Less than once a week.

    4. Yes. I use it in my skillet to make my scrambled egg whites.

    5. Just a multi and a calcium.

  19. FUN as Ive loved reading the answers too!

    breakfast. I love the morning. love my morning meal.

    no and no reason really. Id rather eat the caloriea :)

    minimal. and mainly because I just dont really 'cook it' and I go out rarely with a toddler around.

    vitamins, flax

  20. 1. My favorite meal of the day? I love my favorite meal would be breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid morning snack, mid afternoon snack, after dinner snack and the bedtime snack! :-) Ok ok ok...I don't have a favorite meal of the's all dependent on the food...some days I just adore a breakfast food, others a lunch food and other days dinner.

    2. I don't drink beer and shocker of all, I'm not a big wine drinker. However I will occaisionally tip the glass with a mixed drink. (not so often now as I'd rather eat my food allotment versus drinking it)

    3. Red meat....precious little. I'll be coming up on a year since I pretty much gave it up. (I think I've had it 4 times in the last year)

    4. non stick spray. Absolutely. I buy the olive oil sprays and I will pop it on top of potatoes that I'm roasting and all sorts of things that you would 'normally' drown in oil. It gives me much more control of how much I use.

    5. I take a daily multivitamin and I add a calcium pill since I don't drink milk. (just don't like it)

  21. 1. Dinner. Because I like to make it and I like to be served it too. And our best meals are always dinner.:)

    2. A little too much lately. But we're cutting back.

    3. Not too much actually. We've been sticking to chicken a lot lately.

    4. Nope. Oil or butter. Or nothing. Are pans are non-stick and they do a good job.

    5. Just a multi :)

  22. Tiptoeing in, late, no excuse

    1. What is your favorite meal of the day?? Any reason??
    Right now it's lunch because I get away from the office for a bit. :)

    2. Do you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer??
    Very rarely, a glass of wine. I'd rather chew my calories.

    3. How much red meat do you eat??
    Not nearly enough. I'm trying to get it in once a week. Considering I used to eat cheeseburgers 3-4 times a week, I can't believe it's such a challenge now.

    4. Do you use non-stick spray?? Do you use it on anything other than baking pans or pots??
    Since I don't cook, I don't really use any sprays.

    5. What supplements do you take?? Vitamins, omega 3's etc...
    I take a multi-vitamin, biotin, and flax. I also use chocolate protein powder to jazz up my strawberry yogurt.