Sunday, April 19, 2009

My top ten favorite foods

Not it any particular order:
1. oatmeal
2. bananas
3. peanut butter
4. steak
5. strawberries
6. popcorn
7. brussel sprouts
8. cheese
9. chocolate
10. tea (not a food but an all time favorite thing and sometime i'll have one and my hunger goes away)

what are yours??


  1. 1. coffee (i look forward to my one cup every single morning)
    2. lentils
    3. cheese
    4. berries
    5. BAGELS (even though I only eat them once in a blue moon)
    6. cheese burgers (only 6 points when I make em!)
    7. sushi
    8. chicken
    9. mac and cheese (only mine, need to limit myself here for sure!)
    10. roasted broccolli

  2. 1. flax muffins
    2. venison
    3. activa FF vanilla yogurt
    4. strawberries
    5. blue berries
    6. Kashi go lean crunch
    7. quiona
    8. egg beaters

  3. 9. canadian bacon
    10. peanut M & M's(which I don't eat hardly at all anymore...

    somehow the last comment posted while I was typing it

  4. Top Ten Favourite Foods:

    (in no particular order)

    1. buffalo
    2. peanut butter
    3. oatmeal
    4. chicken breast
    5. oysters
    6. broccoli
    7. dark chocolate chips
    8. craisins
    9. avocado
    10. egg white

    How different is this from my former fat self's top 10 list of favourite foods in no particular order?

    1. cheese
    2. steak
    3. sourdough bread
    4. real butter
    5. pasta alfredo
    6. dill pickle chips
    7. chocolate milk
    8. blue cheese dressing
    9. chicken wings
    10. anything covered and smothered (cheesed and gravied)

  5. 1. Coffee
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Frozen Cherries
    4. Whole Wheat Pasta
    5. Banana's
    6. Ground Turkey Breast
    7. Tomato's (Campari)
    8. Potatos
    9. Cucumbers
    10. Hummus

  6. Brussel sprouts and oatmeal? Ok, I think that´s why your almost at your goal weight and I´m eating ice cream..... :)

  7. I like all of yours except the brussel sprouts and tea. I'd have to add vanilla yogurt and whole-grain english muffins to the list.

  8. First, you look great! Love the hair and the beautiful smile.

    I had to make my list before I ready everyone's elses because I would never be able to choose only ten favorite right now, i am thinking cucumbers...what about onions? And kiwis? I actually saw chocolate on your list and had to add it to my list.

    pinto beans
    Greek yogurt

  9. 1. Starbucks latte's
    2. Murchie's Earl Grey tea with milk & honey
    3. Crispy apples
    4. Banana Oatmeal w/ homemade granola
    5. Popcorn!!
    6. Watermelon
    7. Salad with all the fixin's
    8. Veggie Burgers
    9. chocolate
    10. homemade muffins

  10. I love most of your list too! Here's mine, in no particular order:
    1. coffee
    2. steak
    3. peanut butter
    4. brussels sprouts
    5. cheese
    6. baguette (REAL French bread)
    7. chocolate
    8. potatoes (though I don't eat them very often)
    9. Macintosh apples
    10. hummus

  11. 1. Greek yogurt
    2. Lemon chicken
    3. Salsa (on anything)
    4. chocolate
    5. hummus
    6. fresh baked pita bread
    7. salmon
    8. coffee (not a food, I know but a part of every day!)
    9. roasted root veggies
    10. apples