Monday, April 13, 2009

Now for my weekend :)

Well work is finally over for the week :) Today i'm going out and enjoying this nice weather! And yep, pictures will be taken.

Yesterday although i had a great weigh in, for some reason i just could not sleep the night before and that always throws me for a loop. So yesterday nothing went as planned. I didn't exercise, i slept in and my food was not planned. Not bad just not well planned.

Today i'm back!! And yes it's a planned day :)

The other thing i have to do is catch up on housework. Today is the bathroom!

Oh and i've started saving for a treadmill, i really want one after reading everyones blogs about how they jump on it and get it done and over with for the day. Does anyone have any suggestions about which ones are best?? And i know i won't be able to afford the top of the line ones but i would like to get one that has pretty good power and isn't too loud.


  1. I hope your planned day works out great!

    I'm not good with treadmills and recommendations, but I do like the ones at my gym. I think they are called life fitness or something like that? Good luck finding one you like!

  2. Planning and following through really is the key, isn't it? It sounds so simple! Good luck with the treadmill savings and hunting!

  3. Good luck with finding a good treadmill. I like the one at my gym. I don't remember what they are called, but I think they have the word life in them...Sorry, that probably doesn't help much lol.

  4. I want a treadmill too. I have my elliptical, but think the tm will help me get more into running.

    Not getting good sleep can make for a crazy day, that's for sure.

  5. Check out your local Craigslist! We sold our treadmill a few years back on there (it was gone before a week was over). You'll most likely end up with a very decent treadmill for less than half of what it costs new (ours was in like new condition too oops LOL). :-)