Saturday, April 11, 2009

Once again back to work

Yep i'm off to work again today, and it's a very busy weekend let me tell you.

I may have some exciting things to tell you about soon, but it's not for sure yet! Stay tuned

Twice this week i've been really sad by what some people order: 8 sugars in a coffee ordered by a very young lady. Or how about 6 sugar and 6 cream and we're not talking little creamers!! In an extra large cup that is cream 3/4 full and topped with a little coffee. What the heck are people thinking about??

And tonight we finally ran out of roll up the rim cups :) Which will mean it should slow down a bit.

Oh and this is how i started my day today, what did you have for breakfast today??


  1. Ron is sitting here waiting to hear the exciting news......

    Great looking breakfast as usual, I had a flax muffin and a met/rx chocolate shake

  2. I'm with you...I often sit back and wonder what in the world people are thinking...but that in turn makes me look at the 'old me' and I know that I was right there with them...making stupid choices with my food intake!

  3. I remember myself being that way with sugar and cream years ago, thankfully I've never been a big coffee drinker.

    Hubby made breakfast this morning, I had 1/2 a sausage link, egg beaters with fat free cheese and an english muffin with spray butter and strawberry all fruit, so not far off what you had. Those berries sure look good though.

  4. Oh I hate waiting!!! Now I'm going to be wondering what your news is. I can't say anything about what people are ordering because like Mary Fran I remember the things I used to eat. As for breakfast this morning it was a high protein whey shake (Isagenix). Not near as good looking as yours. Have a Happy Easter.

  5. I heard a woman order 6 creams and 6 sugars just the other day! I thought she must have 6 cups of coffee, but she only had one! I try not to judge, but sheesh....

  6. Exciting news? Totally suspense filled...can't wait!

    Last Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I flew back to Boston to spend the holiday with his side of the family. There was an older relative, maybe about 70, who grabbed a mug, poured it 3/4 full of cream, added sugar and then put a splash of creamer on it.

    My jaw dropped and Carlos elbowed me under the table to shut my mouth. Afterwards, he burst out laughing and said the rest of the family has just gotten used to watching her do that but he always chuckels and can barely contain himself.