Thursday, April 2, 2009

Questions everywhere :)

O.k so i had some time on my hands while i was on the bus this week. And i thought of questions i could ask on my blog to get a little feedback :)

1. How many sweetner do you use/day? How many is too many?

2. Do you try for a balanced eating plan? Do you count how many fruit and vegetables, how much protein, carbs etc? Or do you just go with the flow or go with whatever you crave?

3. Do you plan your exercise?

4. I love the blogs i read, what are your favorites?

Can't wait to hear your answers!


  1. 1. I would say I use at least 10 a day & that is way to much, I really need to cut back.

    2. I try to eat balanced, I only count the fruit & vegetables because that is what I have the most trouble getting in.

    3. Yes I plan my exercise

    4. My favorite blogs are on the right side of my site

  2. 1. How many sweetner do you use/day? How many is too many?
    I don’t use any sweeteners on a regular basis. I don’t drink coffee and I only like my teas plain. The only other place where I’d think I’d add sweeteners would be to oatmeal and I use a little brown sugar rather than the artificial sweeteners.

    2. Do you try for a balanced eating plan? Do you count how many fruit and vegetables, how much protein, carbs etc? Or do you just go with the flow or go with whatever you crave?
    I should work harder to add for fruit and vegetables to my meals. I guess I go with the flow more than anything else. I don’t actually eat a lot of meat (Mostly turkey and chicken), so I try to find my protein in other ways (i.e. eggs, beans) I should try to eat more nuts too.

    3. Do you plan your exercise?
    I don’t plan what I’m going to do, but I do plan my exercise time. I’ve actually turned down family dinners and outings because they would have kept me from getting in daily exercise. Right now my health is what is important and my family understands that I’m trying really hard to make better choices and sometimes that means I don’t spend an hour eating dinner in a restaurant with them.

    4. I love the blogs i read, what are your favorites?
    There are too many to even begin to list. I don’t know what I’d do without google reader! I read a ton of weight loss blogs, but I also admit to reading Perez Hilton for celebrity gossip, and I really like in all her incarnations (she runs a few blogs).

  3. Fun post Suzi, Here are my answers!

    1) I don't use any sweetner at all. I drink coffee without it and never add it to any of my food.

    2) I do try for a balanced diet but find it difficult. Daily I count my fruit and veg aiming for '5 a day'. My WW tracker page has a little box I can tick off for each portion. I also count my water intake. I draw 5 little boxes for water beside my boxes for '5 a day' and tick off each 16 oz glass.

    3) I make an appointment for my trainer a week in advance so that is always planned. I usually plan my other exercise around my trainer day then. But depending on how I feel on any particular day I don't mind changing it.

    4) I used to link to alot of blogs from my site and I really do read all of the ones on my followers list on my profile page. But the links on my web page are the ones I absolutely must read everyday even if I don't have time to comment or post myself. Those are Jen, a priorfatgirl, you, losing waist, waste the waste, the woman inside me, my angle and trim the fat. Don't know why...just relate to this particular few the most.

  4. 1. I use way too much sweetner in my coffee/tea. Probably somewhere in the range of 6-8 a day.

    2. I track fruit & veggies, dairy, healthy oils & water.

    3. I always plan my exercise and have a standing date at the gym Mon-Fri at 5 a.m.

    4. I defintely have my favorite blogs that I follow though my blog. I'm also addicted to & perezhilton. com. Gotta keep up to date with all the gossip....and of course your blog is one of my fav as well :)

  5. Fun post!!
    #1. I don't use sweetner, unless a recipe specifically calls for it.
    #2. I try to eat sensibly, using the 9" quadrant method. And always trying to get enough fiber.
    #3. Exercise usually "just happens" for me. Only when I am meeting with my trainer do I have an appointment.
    #4. Well, I suppose the politcally correct thing to say is that your blog is my favorite. :) Which, of course, it is. That said, I enjoy just surfing around and reading a lot of blogs. I'm a "lurker". But and are two fun ones that I also read. And even tho' those two are not frequent posters, they amuse me.

  6. I don't add sweeteners, but do drink diet soda on occasion.

    The only things I really track for the day are fruits and veggies. I also try for two dairies as I usually skip that otherwise.

    I don't plan my exercise, but I make sure I ride the elliptical 4 times a week for half hour.

    I'm a bad blogging commenter, but visit many. My go-to's daily include yours, Mizfit, KathyCalculates, Annenette's Awakenings, and Ron is Getting Healthy. Visit many more regularly too.

  7. I don't use sweeteners and used to drink a ton of diet coke but have cut back to about 1-2 a week. I track fruits and veggies and just keep an eye on everything else. I don't plan my exercise, just try to do something everyday and aim for 10-15 points a week (not great I know but I'm working on it). I love to read the antijared, annette's awakening, escape from obesity, the pudge budge, journey to lose 200 pounds, diana's blogs and shedding my fat suit (and of course both of yours!

  8. And I have to know: How do you make that fish and what is it. Everytime you post it I'm jealous!

  9. 1) Very little. Although I use Stevia, I still only allow myself to use maybe 4 packets a day total in my iced tea. I'm afraid it will add to a sugar addiction!

    2) I do balance everything. I never eat carbs (even fruits/veggies) w/o ensuring there is fiber or fat to slow the sugar absorption. I do listen to my body's cravings. Just - if I have a craving- I make sure I balance it.

    3) I have to plan my workouts or I won't :(

    4) Oh my, so many I love. Yours, of course! Chews to Lose, Losing Waist, My Peace, SeaShore, The American Homemaker, cutecynicalchubbygirl, NinjaKittee, Trappednme, Fitcetera, etc, etc, etc .. it's a LONG list! There are so many wonderful people out there!

  10. Here are the answers to all your pressing questions. (tee hee hee)

    1. I use no sweetner. No need....when i'm cooking or baking though I use the real thing. I don't like artificial products.

    2. Balanced eating. I do keept track of my fruits/veggies in that I aim to get at least 5 a day. I try to be cognizant of carbs as I know that I dont' lose if I eat too many per day. But I don't actually count and keep track of them.

    3. Exercise planning? Nope. I go with the flow for the most part. (although with this training for my bike ride, I do have a bit more structure in my exercise regime)

    4. Blogs...I read a lot. I prefer the ones that are open and honest...even when times are rough.

  11. OOOOH I love quizzes!!!


    1) None, artificial sweeteners give me migraines and acne. I use organic raw sugar, or Agave Nectar.

    2) Kind of go with the flow, but I try to 'clean' up anything I want to eat, for example if I'm craving chicken strips for dinner, I make mine from scratch, I use a breading I make out of Oat Bran and Wheat Germ with a little parmesan cheese, fresh herbs and I skip the egg bath, opting for a quick dip in some chicken broth to moisten it and give it a little more flavour, then I drizzle a little heart healthy olive oil on top, bake them in the oven, and skip the dip. They're great with a fresh salad!

    3)I'm horrible about excercise. It's my area that needs the most attention... I have a habit of putting it off and putting it off, making excuses and then putting it off some more...

    4) Well, I'm loving yours! I also love, and
    and I could go on and on and on! LOL! I read a LOT of blogs... hey, maybe that's why I never get my excercise in... too busy on the net! LOL!

    Thanks, that was FUN! :)

  12. Great post Suzi!!It is great to see everyone's answers.

    1. I use maybe 1 sweetener a day divided between two cups of coffee on average. I also drink a lot of iced tea, and have been trying to drink it plain. I just use dried fruit in my oatmeal, OR my favorite thing to do is add a little orange or apple juice to the water I boil it in!! makes the oats sweet!
    2. I try and count my fruits and veggies everyday, 3 fruits, 4+ veggies. I also try and eat some type of protein with each meal.(PB2, egg whites, nuts, beans, etc.)Fiber I don't count but I eat one high fiber bread product a day.(usually 12 grams or so)
    3.I have to plan activity to do it. I have to put all my workout clothes out the night before I work out. I also have to work out in the morning, otherwise I won't do it.
    4.I love yours of course! also, I have a list of some of my favorites on my blog. I also enjoy "Refuse to Regain" for support/ideas from people who have kept weight off after losing.

  13. Great questions:

    1. How many sweetner do you use/day? How many is too many?

    I don't use any. I used to abuse diet soda and splenda in my coffee. Since I am trying to eat as clean as possible I avoid it at all cost except for maybe once a month a sugar free syrup at Starbucks or a diet soda at a restaurant. I don't really like the way it tastes anymore.

    2. Do you try for a balanced eating plan? Do you count how many fruit and vegetables, how much protein, carbs etc? Or do you just go with the flow or go with whatever you crave?

    I try to have some protein and complex carb and a touch of healthy fat with each meal or snack. I get at least 5 fruits/veggies in a day but try to aim for more veggies

    3. Do you plan your exercise?
    most of the time. As long as I get around an hour in most days of the week, I'm happy with that, but if I have time to do more, I will.

    4. I love the blogs i read, what are your favorites?

    Too many to list but yours is one of them :)

  14. 1. None
    2. Yes. I count and I have the balance planned in. I count that as more important than calories now.
    3. Yes. I adhere to a schedule. My workouts move for nothing. Other things must be scheduled around them.
    4. There's so many!

  15. 1. None
    2. I try to eat of all the food groups each day. But usually it´s too much carbs... :)
    3. Yes. Three time a week (which is probably not enough)
    4. I like all kins of blogs. Some are from women in my age,others of women with small children. I especially like the ones that are sarcastic in their writing and funny!

  16. Oooh, fun!
    1. How many sweetner do you use/day? How many is too many?
    **Actual packets? 0-1. But I do drink Diet Coke.

    2. Do you try for a balanced eating plan? Do you count how many fruit and vegetables, how much protein, carbs etc? Or do you just go with the flow or go with whatever you crave?
    ** As balanced as I can make it. I sort of count calories, in that I tend to eat the same things all the time and I know what things "cost", calorie-wise. If I stray from the regular, I stop and think about the impact on the overall calorie count. And sometimes I do it anyway. :)

    3. Do you plan your exercise?
    **I plan strength days vs. cardio days, and then I roll with what life is dealing me at the time. Most of the time I follow the plan.

    4. I love the blogs i read, what are your favorites?
    **Waaay too many to list!

    Will you share your responses? Please?

  17. Great questions!

    1) NONE. There's research that indicates that sweeteners change our metabolic limit and body chemistry, which ultimately leads to weight gain. Thankfully, I really don't have a major sweet tooth and when I do, one small piece of dark (70%) chocolate will usually do the trick.

    2) My diet is comprised of 40% calories from carbohydrates that include vegetables (1 - 2 servings per meal), fruit (2 servings/day) and whole grains; 30% from lean protein and 30% from healthy fats. 100% adherence isn't necessary ... my goal is 90%.

    3) ALWAYS! If you don't exercise with a plan, you won't achieve your goals.

    4) There are so many good ones -- we're lucky to live in a day and age where we can actually glimpse in to peoples lives!!


  18. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to answer. I found this so much fun, that i will have to do it again :)
    My answers:
    1) I use way too many. I stopped using them for a while but strayed back to them. But i am thinking of cutting them back again.

    2) I do try to get 5-7 fruit and veggies in. I also try to get 2 good fats in, usually olive oil. I'm trying to not eat too many carbs and it gives me craving for sugar. But i do get some good ones in. I eat mostly fish, chicken and turkey for my protein, but i love an occasion good steak. Overall i'd say i try to eat a balanced diet.

    3) I find i go with the flow most days for exercise!

    4) I follow a lot of blogs. Too many to list. I love reading them!!

    See you shouldn't have asked my answers, and this is just the tip of the iceburg :)

  19. 1. no sweetners
    2. I used to count strictly, now I kinda count and try for balance
    3. I plan too....
    4. I love LOTS and LOTS... too many to list

  20. I try to add as littttttle as possible (but it is in some things I use)

    rambled about number two TOO MUCH this week at miz. :)

    yes and no. plan the cardio and the rest I dont. do what life makes available to be since Im a full time mom.

  21. I don't use any sweeteners or a regular basis. If something calls for sugar, I usually substitute honey or maple syrup.

    I don't count, but I'm going to start tracking my intake better. I do limit my carbs to things that I think are nutrient dense, like vegetables and legumes. If I absolutely have to have bread it is rye or sourdough. Oh, except for Saturday night which is movie night and I have popcorn. I am trying to keep that to a minimum.

    I am finally getting in to a good exercise routine--I realized I am going to just keep gaining weight if I don't burn some calories and build some muscle. So I do my modified version of Valerie Bertinelli's workout.

    This is my first week blogging, so I have still finding favorites but so far I have enjoyed yours, Chunky Monkey Mama, Fabulous @ 50, Lee Getting Fit, Shelly's A Forty-Something's Weight Loss Journey and The Tippy Toe Diet.