Thursday, April 30, 2009

That was fun

Well last night was my first cooking lesson :) We made chicken with peppers and sauce, curried couscous with currents, and greens with a balsalmic/honey dressing. It was a lot of fun and this weeks homework is that i'm supposed to keep track of how many fruits and vegetables i eat!

Today it's back to work. Oh i forgot to tell you that the people that organize my race walk in September are putting on a 5K walk on Saturday. I switched shifts with someone so that i can go :) Even though it means working 6 am till noon and i usually work 2-10pm!! I may just sleep through the walk!!

This morning i was so wide awake that i actually made a mistake when i was making my breakfast, i was supposed to put peanut butter in and instead i put walnuts in. Oh well it still tasted good.
Oatmeal, bananas, flax seed, chocolate chips and walnuts, oh my :)

Hope everyone has a great day.


  1. Cooking class sounds fun! I am excited for your 5k. Take pics!

  2. Now I could eat that oatmeal.

    And I watching everyday to see if this is the day you reach your goal...maybe after that 5k! I'm so excited for you!!

  3. I wish I could like oatmeal.

    Sleep walking is better then missing it...right?

    I need a cooking class. Except I have no idea what the heck you made. lol Never heard of it before. I probably need to get out more!

  4. Why is it your oatmeal always looks more inviting than mine? Yummy. No matter what I do, mine still looks like plain old oatmeal.

    The cooking class sounds wonderful. Wish I could find something like that around here. I think it would be interesting to see what a nutritionist thinks of some of the things we put together.

  5. I agree, your oatmeal always looks so good! The cooking class sounds fun. :-)

  6. I wanna come to your cooking class, it sounds great!

    Delicious looking breakfast too.