Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today and last night!

Last night i ended up having a half a bag of popcorn! So today's plan includes not eating after meals :) I know it wasn't much but i bloat up because of the salt.

Even though it's freezing out i have to go to an appointment this morning and yep i'm going to get off the bus early so i can get a 35 minute walk in :) 

This morning started with this great breakfast: bran flakes, bran buds, banana/strawberry/grapes

Tonights plan includes, steak and wine and watching the day the earth stood still with the hubs! And yes Snuffy will be doing more of this tonight, don't worry he's not playing with an electrical cord he's simply laying on my laptop cord :)


  1. I love popcorn, but hate to eat it because I get bloated thereafter!

  2. Great plans for the evening!

    I am telling ya...popcorn is of the debil!!

  3. I love my popcorn. It's the only 100 cal. snack I'm allowing myself right now. But it does tend to make a person a bit bloated, doesn't it? I want Snuffy's life. It looks very relaxing. :)

  4. steak wine quiet and hubby sounds BLISSFUL to me.

    My husband birthday is this saturday and Ive planned nada.

    May steal the steak and wine (idea. but literally if you have any leftovers :)) and now to find a gift...