Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Or i could have just said this is a staying accountable post :)

Anyway stepped on the scale this morning and i saw 129 which is up .6 but i'm pretty happy with that! I can still see my goal in the near future. Just have to pull up my britches and get on with it!

As far as my goals for this week:

1. Try to use no more than 5 sweetners a day this week! And believe you me this is about half of what i use right now. Mainly it's for tea and oatmeal. After reading everyones imput into how many sweetners they used, it spurred me to cut down :) Thanks guys!

2. Really do need to do weights this week.

3. Go to my walking group 2 times this week.

4. Eat clean :) And enjoy!!

5. I know what i'm doing i just need to get on with it.


  1. Looking at your stats, it sure looks like you will never see the 130s again! I'm on the other side and looking forward to meeting them again. :-)

  2. I'm dreaming of 129. I know I can make it. As for the sweetners, I tried Stevia today and let me tell you it was not bad. I fretted that for nothing. I only used maybe 3 packs of Splenda a day and a Coke Zero once a week but enough to keep that sweet tooth alive and well.

    I'm catching up on blot reading today. Sorry I missed you question day. However, it sounds like you have some great goals as a result.

    Have a question that I think I'll post. What is "eating clean"? I'm just not sure. Is it eating organic or veggan?

    Have a great Passover Sunday.

  3. I like your goals, especially your approach to reducing the sweeteners. You have to start somewhere, and if you're like me, you're more likely to see success if you "tippy toe". :)

  4. I think I weighed 129 when I was 10.

  5. The brown sugar on my oatmeal is my downfall when it comes to adding sugar to my foods. :-) That oatmeal gets me each time also. :-)