Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Well it's been a really good week for me. Do you remember a while ago that i said i need to deal with stress?? Well i did this week and it's like i've lifted a ton off of my back :)

Food this week has been great and i haven't been having any cravings!

Exercise on the other hand was there but not as much as i would like.

So this week the scale showed that i had lost 2  for a total of 47.4  lost and only 2lbs (maybe)    to go!

So here are the goals i made last week:

1. Try to use no more than 5 sweetners a day this week! And believe you me this is about half of what i use right now. Mainly it's for tea and oatmeal. After reading everyones imput into how many sweetners they used, it spurred me to cut down :) Thanks guys! Well it started off great, i did 3 days only using 5 sweetners. Then i found i was using more as the week went on so on average i've been using 7-8 a day since. But this is still down from what i was using.

2. Really do need to do weights this week. Didn't happen!

3. Go to my walking group 2 times this week. This i did and i loved it :)

4. Eat clean :) And enjoy!! Definitely enjoyed my food this week

5. I know what i'm doing i just need to get on with it. I got the message and for me this was a great week!

This weeks goals:

1. Do more exercise!!

2. Need to plan the next couple of weeks menus

3. Get my haircut

4. Get out into the woods for my walk :)


  1. Congrats on the nice loss!!! you are so close to your goal!

  2. Way to go!!! How exciting to be that close to maintenance mode. I am very happy for you...and a wee bit jealous!! :-)

  3. Great week!

    I need to start cutting back my artificial sweeteners too. I mostly just use it in my oatmeal but I drink ALOT of Diet Coke each day and I know that's not good.

  4. sounds like a great week!! congrats on your loss....very exciting!!

    btw, i'm got my haircut too!! must be the week!! :)

  5. YOU ROCK! Congrats on your amazing journey - its been lovely to read about how far you've come and all that you've accomplished.

  6. what a fantastic week...and Im not even thinking about the loss.
    the enjoying. the groupwalking.

    you just seem really really content.

    In a great and healthy way.

  7. Congrats on your great week!

    I really had to sit back and think when you reported on your sweetener usage for the week. I start out strong but habits creep in so easily and all of a sudden I find myself doing what I set out NOT to do. It's sometimes hard to break those habits!! My question...was it long enough to feel any difference???