Monday, May 25, 2009

Alrighty then...

Snuffy says good morning, then backs away slowly.....

Sorry guys you may want to stop reading now :)

What the heck???  Only 20 days ago TOM visited me and today he's back!!!!! And today's the first day i get weighed at weight watchers. Oh boy :(

Can anyone say pre-menopause?? Maybe that's why i'm having such a hard time losing these last few pounds.

Anyone else having issues with this?? Would love to hear how you've handled it.

Oh and later today i'll have pictures from my walk today and later a post on how weight watchers went. Although with the mood i'm in right this second you may not want to know :) Just kidding!


  1. Weeee-e-e-ellll, it is a long story, but I have been pre-M for a few years now and think it may have been what has held me back from getting this weight off. I wish I had known sooner, as then I would have understood and tackled it and not felt such a loser.

    I think the End is Nigh with regards the ole menses, although I seem to be permanently PMTy and hot-flushy and generally a right old misery-guts, lol! Now I think I am out of the worst of it (Ibleddywellhopeso), things are a lot easier and my weight loss has been much better.

    Not doing any HRT or anything unless I really, really have to - trying to beat it with exercise alone.

    Hope you get some better advice - I am no use whatsoever am I?

    But hugs anyway!

  2. Sorry, can't help you out today!!! LOL

  3. I have been pre-M for about 8 years since my son was born. I had him late and I started getting hot flashes after he was born.

    I have not really done anything but would like to go to a homeopath and get some natural stuff for the symptoms. I went almost 1 whole year without a period even. I started taking prozac again for the mood swings and depression.

    I drink a lot of water. I think it is important to eat low carbs, healthy ones I mean. Stay away from processed foods. And I think for us we have to get more exercise, especially weight bearing that is good for the bones. I'm working on it. I do believe we can lose our weight though.

    Hang in there, I feel your pain.

  4. U know, I think I might be pre-m with some various changes that make me wonder. But I have to be honest, I'm not following program like I should or could and THAT's my reason for not doing so well lately!

    THERE! I put it out for the world to see and now I have to change it! Right? LOL

  5. A while back I noticed that my TOM had gone crazy. Some times way late, some times early, some times heavy etc etc etc. I started taking Vitex & it did wonders for me.

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