Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to work again today :)

Sometimes i waffle on whether i like working friday evenings. It's busy so that it does go fast but on the other hand it's that busy that it's exhausting! I'm also working with teenagers. But i still love it, and because it's busy there's not a lot of time to think of eating all the sugary evilness surrounding me :)

Did my weights yesterday, it kicks butt!! I love it, i love the feeling of my arms shaking when i'm trying to pour milk in my tea later. Yep it's definite that little things can make my day :)

After taking time to decide what i was going to do this week to get myself back to where i want to be, and after spending lots of time planning menus, signing up for e-tools etc. I came home after a long day of volunteering(out at 10 in the morning, home at 6:30 that night) and Ralph had cleaned the entire house while i was gone and had a bottle of wine, two wine glasses and a new movie sitting on the coffee table!! Wow i almost cried. No exchange on this guy i tell you :)

I really wish every week could go as smooth as this one. I do think that sometimes it pays to shake things up.

Oh if you want to see how your nutritionals stack up for the calories your using a great tool i've found is NutriMirror the trick is after you journaled your food try to get all your different nutrients into the green, if it's red you need to tweak it. Have fun.


  1. What a guy!!! He is certainly a keeper. How nice of him to do that for you.

    Sounds as tho' you've had a really good week. Keep it up. A change of pace may be just exactly what you need.

  2. It sure the little things that make life grand! Thanks for the reminder.

    That you can keep up the pace with teenagers must make you feel young.....right?? lol

    Glad you had a good week. Your right, sometimes you just gotta shake things up.

  3. I love that post-workout feeling... the muscles being slightly fatigued! Glad you got your groove back!

  4. Glad you had a good weak!