Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't laugh!

I did indeed do my 20 minute weight routin today, upped my weights just a little. Now i'm sitting here on the computer and my tricpes are shaking :) Got to love that!!

Oh and i got my walk in!
So now i'm 2/5  for walks
1/2 for weights this week.

Do you have a plan this week to get moving more??


  1. I was sore from working out so much and playing basketball, so I decided to swim laps today. Easy, right?

    Well, the older gentleman in the next lane made it look easy, doing about three laps for my each one. And the only thing that kept me from drowning was the homely male lifeguard standing by to administer mouth-to-mouth. Talk about getting your heart rate up...

  2. Not sure if I'll weight train or walk but I will do something tonight and tomorrow. My plan is 5-6 days out of 7 this week.

    My arms were shaking last night after my workout too. Wish we had men arms lol. Well maybe not that would probably look funny.

  3. I love the shaking triceps! =)

    I signed up for a boot camp that starts tomorrow (twice a week for six weeks). And I biked 28K yesterday.

    H =)

  4. i love the feeling of being sore from working out!! you know you're making progress!!

  5. Shaking triceps are a good thing, right? Yes, that is indeed the plan this week: to move more. I have two more days until weigh-in to up my exercise calories.

  6. Great job. I know when I haven't lifted in a while, I get really sore after. I started taking a product that Dr. Lou Ignarro came up with called Nitworks, It seems to help me out a lot. Walking is always good for the body.
    My plan is to have two shakes a day. Run after work tonight. See the trainer on Wednesday. Run a 10K on Saturday morning.

  7. Hell, I'm just happy to get off my butt at this point. I've been so slacking in the exercise department it isn't funny. As I said in my post, I'm trying Sparkpeople out for my calorie counts and I found that they also have fitness plans. I started mine yesterday. I think this is what I needed. An actual plan that tells me what I should specifically be doing.