Monday, May 18, 2009


My first day off :) And i plan of vegetating for the most part! However i will get my exercise in.

So far my plan for 5x walking 40 minutes and 2x weight workouts:
Yesterday i got a 50 minutes walk in before work=1/5
Today will be another walk plus i'm so looking forward to my weight routine :)

Here's some pictures from yesterdays walk: the pink tree is right outside my kitchen


  1. Pics make me want to get out and walk myself.

    Happy day off!

  2. I always love your walking pictures. Glad you have a nice day off.

  3. What a lovely place to walk. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the strawberry marg. on the other site. Yummo

  4. Lovely pictures as ever, Suzi - I have even copied your example recently. Oh, and guess what arrived in the post today? Lovely oaty things from you, that's what! Thank you so much, they smell delicious!

  5. Love the pictures...where do you live that it is so GREEN?! The lilacs were lovely too.

  6. Ohhh...I'd enjoy walking much more if I had that to look at!