Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm back :)

I've definitely got my mojo going on this week :) 

I got up this morning and i'm puttering around doing this and that and i suddenly realized i hadn't had breakfast!! What, that just isn't me.

I'm satisfied with my food this week and i don't seem to need anything above that!! Sat in a coffee shop between meetings yesterday for an hour or so and i had an awesome tea and an espresso to wake me up before my next meeting. And i was sitting close to the cream horns, the cheese cakes etc... Hubby last night wanted popcorn, when i handed it to him i grabbed 2 kernels and that was enjoyable and enough and i needed no more. Boy i wish i could get this all the time :)

I left home at 10 am yesterday morning (this is my day off of work) and got home at 6:30!! Wow a long day but a great night with a glass of wine watching My Bloody Valentine :) Yep i love horror flics.

So today is back to work and i'm feeling strong. Dinner will be taken with me and lunch eaten before i go so i should have no problem turning my back on all that sugar.

The only thing i'm a little leary of this week is the fact that we have been invited to a chinese all you can eat buffet for lunch on wednesday. I think i may stick to salad, veggies and seafood!

Now if the rain would end i'd buy some flowers and tomatoe plants. Oh well i've always got next week :)

Have a great day everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my rambles.


  1. Sounds like a very productive day - wish I could be like this all the time too!

  2. Chinese buffet = Obstacle course of doom.

    Tread lightly.

  3. Any buffet, of any kind, is the work of the devil, IMO. Best of luck to you...but then you know what is ok and what isn't. I shouldn't worry, right? I think it must just be me who cannot negotiate a buffet without supervision.

  4. Glad your hunger is under control. Be careful about skipping breakfast though. Buffets are soo hard to avoid overeating, good luck with that. I went on Monday and eat way too much. It was soo good though.

  5. Great job this week!! Only two kernels, WOW!!

    Hope the Mojo continues into next week too!!

  6. Yay for the mojo!! Hope the rain stops for has finally left our part of the world. Have a great weekend Suzi!