Thursday, May 21, 2009

Non scale victory!!

I was making dinner the other night and i had cut up some smoked sausage. Now not too long ago i would have popped a couple of those pieces in my mouth and just gone about my business :) That night i made a conscious decision to stop!! Don't go there :)

It worked, i simply did not do it, i chose to wait for my dinner and thoroughly enjoy the sausage without any feelings of guilt!

I've had a couple of light bulb moments lately. There have been days where i would much rather have sat on my fanny, or my leg was bugging me and i just did not want to go for a walk. Honestly in my head i said, stop, shut up and get it over with.  After i went out and a few minutes into the walk i started to really enjoy it :)

My husband occasionaly likes an evening snack, and there is nothing wrong with that, i just would rather not eat after dinner. However what i would do is grab a couple of his crackers, or a handful of popcorn and not write it in my food journal. Then i would wonder why my weight was not going down?? Umm right!! So now i simply don't eat anything after dinner. No his snacks don't bother me and he is free to snack, he needs more calories than i do he goes for 2-3 hours bike rides!

So i have noticed where i was tripping up. It will be interesting to see if i notice any other changed behaviours :) Stay posted.


  1. Not grabbing a handful, not finishing off what the kids don't eat, not nibbling while cooking... these are all small things that add up and hamper our weight loss efforts.

  2. Bravo!! Sometimes the things we actually KNOW in our heart of hearts turn into "light bulb moments" and can change things markedly. Good for you, for discovering those little "oops" that may have been holding you back. Best of luck.

  3. Well done! Being aware of those little slips is half the battle!

  4. I love making these kind of discoveries. You will be at your goal in no time. Way to go!! I'm proud of you.

  5. Kudos to you!!! That's a great NSV!!! And awesome that you are conscious of it too!!

  6. I find that about a walk or a workout, too. Even if I didn't want to before hand, I'm always glad I did later.

    Kudos for resisting the off-the-record snacking!