Saturday, May 16, 2009

An old friend visited me

Yep this morning i had a visit from an old friend..... Quaker Oat Bran :) Oh and in case your wondering what those little black bits are, they're chia seeds!

Oh my goodness i can't believe how much 1/3 cup makes!! Yep i did add a bit of apple and cranberries, but seriously i don't even know whether i'll be able to finish it all :) This seems more filling than oatmeal.

And it takes 2-3 minutes to make. Now i did make it on the stove because last time i tried the microwave i got a bowl of lumps. Lesson learned.


  1. So how did the chia seeds turn out? I used some in a smoothie and they were a bit too goopy for me!

  2. Looks interesting. I am not a big fan of quaker oats alone but mixed in with something, sometimes I like. For example a burger. Not sure what chia seeds are.