Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reset :)

Yep i've decided since my weight is so up and down lately that maybe i'm just not being honest to myself! And yes when i went around the house with my handy little points calculator i did find that a lot of things that i automatically thought were 0 point or 2 points etc actually weren't they were more!!

And no i don't always do "points" but when you have in your mind that something is 0 points you just eat it and don't think about it.

So today's plan is to be honest. To write down exactly what i'm eating. Add the points up and be accountable. It's been a while since i've done this. Now i have been counting calories and i probably still will but of all things i find that counting points seems to be what keeps me on the straight path the best.

So what things did i find i'd been cheating with?? These may seem piddly to some, but when your daily points is only 19 every point counts.

Bread-my country harvest plus is 1 point for one slice but two slices are 3 pts
Sugar free jam-i was counting as 0 points for 1 tbsp, not, its 1 point for 1 tbsp or 0 for 1/2 tbsp
Pumpkin-i just counted as 0, nope it's not very high in points but it needs to be counted
Soy milk that i put in tea/coffee all day!
In the weight watchers book it says 2 tbsp of parmesean cheese is 1 point. Not, my parmeasean for 2 tbsp is 3 points
And this my friends is just what i've checked this morning :) So it's back to school for me.


  1. Ah yes, the milk in the coffee. That's the kicker. Good for you for going back to the basics. Sometimes when I think about points the tendency for me is to under if that makes it ACTUALLY less points. Better to be totally accountable, expessially when you only have 19 points. I get 24 and some days that is tough enough. Keep it up!

  2. Good idea to do a periodic points audit!

  3. Good luck! It appears that this strategy will definitely "point" you in the right direction! hehe

  4. Yep, points can add up very fast. Glad you decided to evaluated what your eating. You may just need to make minor adjustments.

  5. Great job on being honest with your points, 19 pts a day must be truely difficult!

  6. Readjust, realign,reset & reassess, then RE-ACH your goal. Bravo for finding where your slip ups have occurred. Very smart to start from the beginning again. Good for you.

  7. Yeah, at my weight I can get away with it, but when you are so near to goal, every point matters - ugh!

    Now you are aware, there is nothing stopping you!

  8. I don't do WW anymore, but when I did, I took a sharpie and wrote the points and serving size on every container in my kitchen. That way there was no guessing even when I felt comfy, thinking I remembered the points of things I used everyday.
    I wish you much luck and success.

  9. I hear your frustration. I feel like I'm constantly rechecking myself on points. 19 doesn't go that far! Thank goodness for veggies!