Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A slight indulgence :)

Well i went to the board meeting and ate what i had taken. While there i noticed an awesome looking salad with no dressing, but containers of dressing on the side. So i grabbed some and just dipped my fork in the dressing :) Smart move #1

Then i made a conscious decision to have 2 of the 1" sample pieces of some sort of dessert, you know the 1" square pieces?? No idea of the points. They were really good.

All in all i approximated 41/2 points for this. No guilt and since i use very few flex pts i was o.k with this :)


  1. I love the dressing on the side idea - wish everyone did that!

    Well handled too!

  2. aaaaahhhhh the elusive 'dressing on the side' concept!(DOTS) It baffles me how that hasn't yet caught on in the UK -why why whyyyy?! I make a point of asking for the dressing on the side and get looks from waiters as if I've asked for something impossible! The other day i asked for DOTS and got a dry plain salad - good grief! So good for yooooooU! nicely done!! xx

  3. Sounds like you did really well!