Sunday, May 10, 2009

Somethings a little off!!

Okay remember me saying yesterday that my parmesean cheese was way off?? Well today i go to get my dinner ready for work and the parmean cheese says that it 2 tbsp or 30 g for 130 calories well i measure 2 tbsp and weigh it and it's only 17 grams. All righty then :) I guess it's not 130 calories!! Talk about messing me up :) Not that it takes much some days.


  1. Just too much math involved, isn't there? The scales they use and the one I use are sometimes really at odds. It isn't easy making the amounts coincide. I sympathize with you. :)

  2. I hate when that happens but at least it was on the good side, YAY!

  3. Those numbers can be screwy at times. I love parmesan cheese in moderation. Keep your chin up, you are doing well.
    Happy Mothers Day if you are a mom.