Friday, May 8, 2009


Today is grocery shopping day before i go to work :)

I've also started the bootcamp exercise videos on sparkpeople but today they want us to have an exercise ball so i may pick one up while i'm out! Depends on how much they want for them across the road. (I did end up picking up a bally one for 15 dollars)

The funny thing is that today i didn't have enough calories planned so that i've had to add a green monster smoothie and half a clif bar! Wow, that is definitely not my usual problem.

I'm off to do dishes, get my food ready, work out and get ready for work! See you tomorrow :)


  1. Oh, WOW, not enough calories planned. That is a dream that never happens in my life :o)

  2. Be careful with that fitness ball. I can't remember which blog mentioned Bally specifically, but the danger of popping the ball (at any weight) is quite high when they are not inflated properly. So if your fitness ball did not come with inflation (specific ones) instructions go online and find out exactly how to inflate it properly. Apparently many balls have burst because of faulty inflation. I don't think there is an actual recall, just a caution to inflate them carefully according to the instructions.

    And, thank you again for your kind mention.

  3. Ok, it was the "Cranky Fitness" blog that told about the fitness ball.

  4. Curry/egg doughnut is exactly what it sounds like. It's doughnut bread, but instead of having a sweet glaze/filling, it has a kind of crumb on the outside and is filled with curry paste and a fried egg.
    This is the plain curry doughnut (no egg, the egg one was a golden week special at my supermarket):