Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly goal update

These were the goals i wanted to do last week:

1. Get off my butt and exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days this week. I managed to get 4 days in, which i'm not terribly upset about because it's more than i did the week before.

2. I really enjoyed doing my weight workout last week so i'd like to do it 2 times this week. Once again i only did it once but it is better than not doing it and i really did enjoy it.

3. Realize that failure is not an option!! I have definitely not given up. I'm off to weight watchers tomorrow to see if they can help me get my mojo back for the last bit of weight i want to lose.

4. Drink my water every day. I DID THIS :)

5. Enjoy each day, because you have to enjoy life :) I can say i tried

So this weeks goals will be:

1. Bike to and from weight watchers. That's about an hour!!

2. Be open minded when going back to weight watchers, i know i can still learn new things :)

3. I would like to exercise at least 5 days this week between biking and walking.

4. Do the weight routine 2x! I will do it this week :)

5. Be happy with myself this week!


  1. RE: this week's goal #2. I know what you mean. It is so easy to become jaded when you have joined and rejoined WW. Good for you keeping an open mind.

  2. I am delurking to say how much I enjoy your blog -- I think you have such a great attitude and drive. It gives me inspiration for my (very long!) journey ahead.

  3. You still accomplished a lot. Pat yourself on the back and have a great new week!

  4. That's great that you're biking to meetings. Great exercise!

  5. It is good to have such great goals - even if we don't manage to achieve them, striving for success does bring results. Good luck with WWs!

  6. You are the first person that I seen that sets weekly goals. I think I'm going to try that myself.


  7. You have been doing great, and going back to WW will help you get to your goal!

  8. I just started my weight loss journey & am fortunate to find your blog. I look forward to reading you regularly! I posted my "before" photos today, along with my weight & measurements. Doing that made me sick to my stomach but I'm sure it'll help in the long run. I can't wait to be able to look back & think, "never again!!!"

  9. I think you're doing really well! Have fun this week on the bike!

  10. you know how much I love how you set and update your goals for us.

    I have one this week: MORE WATER DRINKING.
    it is way too hot in TX already to try and cruise by on the water in my foods :)