Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yesterday's walk

Oh i love these pictures :) 

But first today i started my second day off of work with these beauty's:
Banana french toast
2 egg whites, 1 mashed banana with a little leftover to put on top, 2 slices of bread, some sf syrup and a few walnuts
Can i say yummy??

Okay here are the pictures: (oh and that's a chipmunk in one of them :)


  1. You take great pictures. The breakfast looks great!

  2. That was a fat little chipmunk lol. Great pictures as always, your breakfast does look yummy.

  3. You always have such fabulous pics - both the breakfast and your surrounds.

  4. Great pictures! I was going to take some pictures on my lunch time walk by my work, then I realized it's totally ugly.

    I work near the Seatac airport. Airport = slumville. Our nice office building is right next to a trailer park, no kidding. On my walks I see tons of trash, even used condoms. Totally gross. I try not to look down, only up at the trees and the sky and the sun.

    There is a cool trail next door through the woods that's beautiful, but I can't walk it alone. It runs right along the Detention Center's property line. :)

    Yummy looking French Toast!

  5. Aw baby geese! Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures, love em!