Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Change of plans

Well it's pouring and as you know we don't have a car so we decided instead of going out to eat we would stay in and order from the same place. Swiss Chalet.

I ended up ordering a 1/4 chicken dinner with no skin, a house salad which ended up being pretty much just iceburg lettuce :( and some frozen veggies that they'd warmed up and charged me an arm and a leg for!! Still i enjoyed it :) And i stayed within plan and now i'm going to go and watch the code.


  1. Nice meal! I wish the rain would've stopped long enough for you all to go out!
    But I bet it was all good anyhow!!

    I enjoy reading your blog...

    My best always,


  2. Sometimes our "road trips" call for a detour! Nicely done. Glad you had a good time! Rain is good.

  3. I'm the same, when it rains I don't want to go anywhere!

  4. I had SC's spinach salad once. It was a big bowl of romaine with a few spinach leaves thrown on top! Someone really needs to teach them how to make a good salad.