Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm home for now :)

But i'm leaving again for the ww's meeting soon and yep i'll post my loss (hopefully) tonight :)

Anyway went to the dentist and she only needs to replace part of two old fillings! Other than that it's 3 years without a cavity. The only weird thing was they have these high tech scanners and x-rays and all kinds of stuff and she turns and says to me that i have the biggest sinuses that's she's ever seen!!! The assistant says the same thing. Well they don't bother me so whatever.

So far today i've biked to and from the dentist, i've done push ups and for the very first time i did push ups in the pike position! Go me

While i'm posting this i'm looking at this beautiful sky:

And here's some of the things i saw on my way to my walking group :)


  1. Beautiful scenery! Congrats on the good dentist visit!

  2. LOL @ big sinuses! Is this good or bad??? I've NEVER heard that one B4Do you have bragging rights now???
    I always love seeing pics of your walks.

  3. You are doing things the right way! Impressive!

  4. gorgeous pics - keep up the great work towards your goal! :)