Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm taking your advice

Yep i decided to not do a couple of things i had planned on today just to give myself some down time.

I started the day by having two fillings replaced so i came home with a frozen mouth and had this beauty for breakfast :)
Next i'm off to the dollar store to stock up on things for next weeks bingo that i've helped to plan! This is one of my favorite things to do.

Then i just might take myself to the library. I love going there and i should get myself some new books.

Went to go upstairs and what should i see?? Little ears :)
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. GOOD!!!! You need a day that is a bit more relaxed and laid back!

  2. Enjoy your time! I also went to the dentist for two fillings today. My mouth is numb really bad. It does wear off right? Please say yes!!!

    My best always

  3. Seems everyone is going to the dentist...I wanna go, too! I actually like the dentist. (hmmm)
    That Mean Greanie" looked pretty good on a hot summer's day! And those cute baby ears poking up... adorable!

  4. I know all about the ears sticking out... If I went into my bedroom right now I'd see my husband sleeping and next to him on the pillow a set of ears sticking out from under the duvet!

  5. Looks like a breakfast totally appropriate for a numb mouth! Love the ears in the basket, I have a lot of that around my house too. :)

  6. I am NOT going to the dentist.
    Oh yes, those ears ...
    those are sweet moments.
    these green monster thingys are good then, eh?
    love the atmosphere & smells of the library.

  7. Love those barely visible ears! I had some on top of my 7ft bookshelves earlier. ;-)
    Path to Health