Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some more of my favorite pictures

I was looking back and picked out some more pictures that i really like :) Wish me luck tonight at the annual board dinner!


  1. The snow is my favorite. Just breath taking beauty!

    Good luck at the meeting. You're going to rock those good choices! You know that!

    My best always

  2. That old board meeting is going to be a breeze for you now. You sound confident and very prepared.

  3. Even though I know you are not wishing for that weather, I love the snow pic best. It is just so peaceful and beautiful.
    Thanks for your dear comment. I just wanted to assure you that, yes I will be checking up on you! :) Good luck with the board dinner!

  4. Good luck to ya! You'll do great.

    LOL Love the kitty watching the drain.

  5. I will not get a kitty, I will not get a kitty, I will not get a kitty...