Monday, June 22, 2009

Today's plan...

I'm off to the dentist this morning again this time for a cleaning and for them to let me know when i need to go back to replace some old fillings. Have i said i can't stand dentists :(

Then it's time for my walking group this week!! I may be there a little late because of the dentist but i'll get there.

And later weigh in time at weight watchers. Holding my breath on that one :) ha ha
It should be fine but my body has a way of doing the opposite than what it's supposed to.

So that's 2 days in a row of exercising, oh and yesterday i not only did a 50 minute power walk i also did leg exercises :)

Today will be the walking group and i plan on doing some chest exercises!


  1. A bad dentist when I was a kid, made me feel like you do about dentists. Glad I found a good one that I use now!

  2. Funny, I love to go to the dentist. It is one of those freaky things; I can't explain why. I just love it. LURVE it!

  3. Ooooh, the dentist. i don't like it, but I tolerate it Ok...I don't like the smells, the sounds, or the taste of the dentist.

    My thoughts are with you!

    A walking club sounds cool!

    My best always


  4. At the dentist I watch the TV in the ceiling and for get about what else is going on.

    Good luck!

  5. My body does that too. Lately, the days I have only 1200 calories, I maintain or gain, days when I eat more, I get a loss. Doesn't make sense to me!!! Good luck at your weigh in!

  6. Ewwww I don't like to visit the dentist either!

    I'm waiting with bated breath for your weigh in results!