Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Okay it's that time of the week again, here goes.

Last weeks goals:

1. Go to weight watchers Monday night! - Yeppers i sucked it up like a big girl and i had a loss :)

2. Mail two parcels i have ready for people. - Indeed i did!!!

3. Do weights preferably 2x again this week. - Fail :(

4. Plan more days menus. I'm a little behind on this and i like to know in advance what i'm doing! - Yep i did i need to do more but it was a start

5. For this week i'm not going to weigh myself until next Monday. (this is huge for me :) -Yes i'm holding my breath until tomorrow morning!

This weeks goals:

1. Definitely number one is to do some weight routines, no excuses. Tuesday and Thursday i will do weight routines and i will post whether i've done them or not!!

2. Back to weight watchers Monday

3. I really need to plan more menus

4. I'm going to try to incorporate speed walking in with my regular walking

5. Be kinder to myself and less critical!


  1. speed walking sounds FUN!!!

    do you have a plan?
    a routine?

    inquiring minds and all,

    MizFit, who may join you in that endeavor this week---would you care?

  2. Looks like you nailed your goals for the week 100% AND a loss!

  3. Good luck with your goals this week, Im sure you will hit them all this week!!!

  4. YAY for your loss!

    I love your goal of being kinder to yourself - you are right where you need to be and are doing great!

  5. A pretty good week! I love that you accept what's happened and move forward from THAT point, building on successes and figuring out what to address on the not-so-successful. No need to drag all the past into it. :)

  6. Congrats on the loss. Love the pictures. Gonna try the pancake receipe. I left a comment on your other blog about the pancakes but I found the answer a few posts down on this site. Have a happy Sunday.

  7. So that translates to an 80% pass rate, which is a high B, right?


  8. Good luck on the weigh in tomorrow!
    I feel so priviledged to be one of the recipients of those packages! :)