Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to work today :)

Yep i'm back to work today but i don't start until 4 so i've got lots of time to get a nice long walk in.

Oh and today is also abs day :( Yep i'll do those as well, even if i'm pouting while doing them!!

I think i've half fixed the camera, but i'm definitely going to have to buy a new one soon.

So yesterday was back to routine, no eating out, no eating late and no drinking. And guess what?? I got on the scale and the scale was back to where it was before vacation. I'm a happy girl i tell ya.
You know what was funny though? I was so mad at the camera last night and so upset with it that i was ready to eat whatever i could get my little hands on. But i didn't and that for me is a big thing.

Hope everyone's having a great day!


  1. I'm glad the scale cooperated with your efforts! And sorry about your camera. I just got mine fixed, but now I'm afraid to use it! Dumb!

  2. Congratulations on not eating because you were ticked off. That is a victory - as well as returning to the pre-vacay weight. Good for you.

  3. I think all bloggers should include pictures of cats in their posts. Love yours and I feel like hiding under furniture sometimes, lol!

    And well done too for sticking to eating sensibly despite the naughty camera. I pout when doing abs too, in fact I scowl and mutter under my breath, cos doing abs hurts :(

    Enjoy your walk!

  4. Excellent job on the pre-vacation weight! I hope you get the camera you really want! I love my camera.

  5. WHoo! Glad to hear you made it back to your regular weight before vaca. Oh, vacations get the best of us all, dont they?!

  6. Seriously? It took you a day to get back to what you were before vacation? I think I'm going to need a week or two. It's a sad state of affairs.

    Love the picture of your kitty. I LOVE black cats. They're my favorite. :)

  7. The picture of the kitty is really cute. :-) Congrats on getting back to your routine!