Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nope, i wasn't going to do it :)

I was feeling rather blah today for some strange reason. I didn't really want to do much, except get on the computer. And since it was a day off of work i could do that :)

But i knew that i'm going out to all you can eat chinese buffet tonight. So i have been eating really light all day so that i have lots of calories left for dinner.

I was going to a meeting this afternoon and thought to myself well i could walk around the block before i go! But as the time went by and it got closer to the meeting i started to think that maybe i should do a little more than that.

So 50 minutes before my meeting i started out walking and managed to get a beautiful 45 minute walk!! Not only that i checked and today is my back day so i got a few of those exercises in :)

And now i'm going out for dinner and really looking forward to it!!


  1. Really love the cloud picture - it's as if the arms of the trees are nudging the clouds along. Beautiful!

  2. This is why you are Spunky Suzi!
    Have a great time at dinner this evening!

  3. That looks like a good walk, lovley images.Hope you enjoy dinner.

    best wishes

  4. Love the cloud picture!

    Enjoy your dinner! Mmmmmm..... Chinese buffet.....

  5. Great pictures and congrats on your impromptu exercise. Enjoy your dinner!

  6. As always, great pics, hope you enjoyed your dinner tonight!

  7. Have a great dinner! Good for you on the extra walk.

  8. Where in the heck do you live where you get all this beauty from walks???

  9. yep
    as the others said.

    as always.
    you are in inspiration and a motivation.

    hope dinner was fun!