Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's exercise plan

Today is exercises for the chest! I've done exercises for this that i never thought i could. I've done pike push ups and even doing an actual push (although i don't do many) is something i never thought i could. Even when i was younger!! I feel stronger now than i did 10 years ago.

So today's plan is:

Pike push ups (just ignore the talking for the first few seconds :)

And if i make it through these i'll go to work!
I did phone the Dentist they wanted me there in 10 minutes, i don't have a car and i was sitting here in my pj's! So it's going to be tomorrow at 9:40 AM. So yep another day like this!


  1. Nice workout plan! Sounds like the dentist had a cancellation!

    My best always. Your energy and consistency is a wonderful thing.


  2. Great job on those workouts!

  3. My chest is still sore from working it out on Friday, hope you are not suffering tomorrow!

    Then again...maybe it would distract you from the mouth discomfort!

  4. You are kicking booty! Great job.

    My cat rolls on his back next to me when I'm working out on the floor! :-)
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