Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's plan...

Today i am joining my walking group :) Life for the last couple of weeks has been a little hectic!!

Saturday night at work my leg really was very painful on the top of the right leg. I figured i wasn't getting enough blood/oxygen to a muscle and it was definitely letting me know it wasn't happy. I was honestly going to be phoning my dr. today but it has calmed down a lot, thank goodness.

So the walking today may be a little slow but at least i will be pumping some blood to my leg :)

I'm also going to be walking in the park as well so i should be able to get some nice pictures, unless it pours with rain which it has been for almost a week :(


  1. Very nice plan! A good walk does wonders for circulation!

    Nice plan, hope it feels better!

    My best

  2. Walking is so theraputic (sp?). It's better than an hour with a shrink any day!

  3. I am suddenly addicted to walking, can't do without my daily dose. It is true waht Amy said, it's very theraputic no matter what the weather.

  4. Great plan!Walking is the best.