Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update from yesterday :)

Well i did get my tricep workout in, i cleaned the kitchen and it's looking pretty good. But when i went to go out on a walk it poured.

So this morning i popped my shoes on (thank goodness :) and off i went!

Today's plan for cleaning: the bathroom

Today's exercise besides the walk: Shoulders

Shoulder press
Arnold press
Front raises
Shoulder shrugs

Just so you know i'm not going crazy with my daily exercises i do some of each and call it a good day! Someday's i do more and other time's i don't :) Makes for a happy me and i enjoy them. And i'm really feeling them and not in a bad way!

Love this sign i saw on my walk: Mind your biz, don't be a fool, please don't wiz, in our clean pool!


  1. lol
    see that's just asking for someone to whiz in their pool. :D
    nice walking pics. what is that a turtle?

  2. You are so lucky to have such a nice place in which to walk!

  3. Maybe I could actually say I enjoy my walks if I had scenery like yours to enjoy.

  4. There was an old guy with a pool. My mother's boss or something. He SAID he put a special chemical in the pool, so that if you pee'd in it, everyone would know, 'cuz the water would turn bright red.
    So no one was brave enough to try it and the pool stayed clear...he probably just made that up....I'm always the last to know....

  5. LOL with the pool sign. I remember my mother lecturing us about that when we were little! Beautiful pictures!

  6. Great job on the workouts! You're making wonderful strides that will send you straight to where you want to be!!
    I'm very happy for you!