Friday, July 24, 2009


Well this week i must admit i've watched the scale go up little by little. I know this is from not doing my normal routine on exercise and food. And by eating out a lot more than normal.

So last night we went to the Mandarin all you can eat buffet! I was very happy with my plate of seafood, some chicken and veggies and a few noodles and for dessert some melon and a very small piece of cake. All planned for :)

Now earlier in the day Jen needed to go to the dentist! I decided i'd better get some exercise in before going out to eat. So while she was at the dentist i was walking around the high school running track. Yep got some lovely steps in, thank you :) Oh and i also managed to do some ab work as thursday's are ab day.

Today the scale is creeping down again :)

We're eating out again today, but i've already checked the nutrition stats and decided that although what i'm going to pick is a little high in calories with some light eating the rest of the day i can still fit it in. And when we were checking the stats the dish i picked was lower in calories than their salads!! So fish and chips it is :) Which i haven't allowed myself to eat in ages.


  1. Yay! Congrats on the scale creeping down! And congrats for making good choices when eating out!

  2. YUM..I hope you enjoyed the fish and chips. Good job the scale loss too! Love the beautiful pic.

  3. Good for you. You are doing so well even tho' you are not on your usual schedule. I think that is a real trick to accomplish, and I am impressed with you. Keep it up.

  4. Great idea on checking the nutritional states. I am always shocked at the calorie count on some restaurant plates!
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Fish and chips---mmmm, one of my favorites!!

    Yes, Yes---Eat it!! And Enjoy it!!!

    Besides, it's fun when people aske "So, like what do you eat to lose all this weight?" And I say..."fish and chips," or "Pizza" or "mashed potatoes," and they're left all stunned. "Really? Uh, how?" Portion control. Nothing is off limits!!

    Great job on the exercise...I need an Ab day. Ab day---you're inspiring me!

    Always a pleasure to read and follow your wonderful journey!

    My best

  6. You are doing well, especially to get those scales moving in the right direction, while having some lovely-sounding food. Fish and Chips....droooooool...

  7. Oh that does sound good.

    Ya know, I can't remember the last time I ate a french fry. How weird!

  8. Hey! Are you weighing yourself every day?

  9. The main thing is ..... that you enjoy every moment you can with your daughter!!!!