Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:

1. Continue with my weights. I love how i'm exercising a different part everyday. Miz Fit this is good as well as one full workout isn't it??-I did them everyday and i love doing it this way and the best part is that i'm starting to see muscles :)

2. Clean up some more :) Gotta do what i gotta do-I'm slowly accomplishing this

3. Keep eating clean, i'm enjoying this sooo much, it's yummification!-I've done pretty well on this, this week and i've had some very yummy things!

4. Smile this week even though i'm working everyday, it will soon be over and i may as well enjoy the journey there.-I managed to get through the 7 days straight without hurting anyone, actually i didn't have a bad week at all.

This weeks goals:

1. Enjoy my visit with my daughter!

2. Try to continue eating as healthy as possible and even when i'm out i'll still try but i'll have no guilt after. I'm out to be stress free and have a great time this week :)

3. Try to keep the house from falling apart.

4. Relax........

5. Oh i'll still exercise!


  1. Sounds like you have a great week coming up. Enjoy!

  2. And you smiled thru it even with that crazy-ass smile you had!

    I hope you can sleep tonight.
    I doubt your daughter is going to worry about the state of the house ... CHILLAX!

    1. Weights - when I get back in to them I'm going to do it your way.
    2. Clean - ???
    3. Eating clean - YES!!!
    4. Smiling - :D

    Have a great week!

  3. hellooooo! Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you've got a good thing going with your weekly goal! AND CONGRATS . . . saw that you're 8.4 pounds away from your goal! I've got a ways to go but I decided to start logging what I eat and the calories. That should keep me on track a bit better and make me more accountable! I know I should be exercising more so I'm thinking with the cooler, autumn-like temps in JULY here in Chicago, I'll probably get out and do more walking. Plus I have a 7-day bus pass I needed to buy for all my events last week that I didn't drive for (I so missed my van though) so I'd like to get my $23's worth!

    Thanks for joining my blog ... how'd you find me btw?

    and where'd you go for your snazzy background? I'd like something more than what blogger offers but perhaps they've added more since I last checked. I know I changed my myspace background using or something like that. is it the same way for blogger?


  4. Awesome! I think the working different muscles each day idea is a good one. I may have to incorporate that at some point simply for the sake of getting strength training DONE in a couple minutes a day! (I only strength train 20 min or so 3x a week, so I could do 10 min/day instead when I am pressed for time).

  5. If she get antsy and wants to do something, let her watch youtube! And about the muscles - show us your "guns!" Or is that term just for dudes?

  6. The structure and consistency of your weekly goal list is something I could really learn from.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    It's so wonderful to follow your success!
    Have a tremendous time with your daughter!!


  7. Good job on the goals! Have a great time with your daughter!

  8. You did well (I would have murdered somebody) and do houses really have to be clean?

    Well done and enjoy the visit!

  9. Congrats on reaching your weekly're really doing fantastic. I hope you have a lovely visit with your daughter. :)

  10. yes yes yes on the weights.

    thats what I am doing right now!

    chest, tri/sh, back, bi, legs.

    five days a week

    five 15 minute workouts!