Monday, July 27, 2009

Why are we harder on ourselves??

It just kind of hit me like a brick.

I was doing a downward dog push up and i glanced at my legs! Wow i thought if that was someone else's legs i'd think they were skinny :)
O.k. i'm thinking to myself why can't i just think of MY legs as skinny?? Why do i have to focus on the negative without seeing the positive things in me??

When i stop and think about it i do have nice legs but instead i choose to focus on the stomach which leaves a lot to be desired! But then i've had two children that i would have all over again and yep i'd choose to have a flabby stomach if it would result in a couple of the greatest kids ever ;) Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves!!

So for today i choose to see the best in me :)
I have great legs.
I am strong.
I am a very nice person and get along with most people easily.
I have great eyes.
I have great feet that have walked many miles.
What do you see today??


  1. Woohooo look at those GAMS! You are FABULOUS!

  2. Those legs look great! Sexy lady!

  3. Wowza!! Great legs. You are most certainly right about us being our own worst critics. I've often wondered why that is. I can even remember once when I felt slightly embarassed by the fact I thought my eyes were really great looking. Funny thing.

  4. You know what I thought when I saw those legs? I thought you had taken a pic of your daughters! You are hot, lady! :)

  5. Before I even read the post, I saw the pic and thought - I would love legs like that!

    Yeah, I don't care about a flabby tum, either - life is too short.

    Love yourself as the great person you are who has achieved a heck of a lot!

  6. Your legs are fantastic! I know what you mean about beating yourself up...I do the same thing. What do I see today? My pants are starting to fit.

  7. You are right we are hardest on ourselves. I would love it if my legs looked like yours.

    I love all your loving and positive affirmations about yourself. Way to go!

  8. Very nice. It is important to realize the wonderful things too! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what's wrong, we forget about all that's right!

    Great post.

    My best

  9. You do have great legs. And a nice little body too. But more importantly, you have great stamina and endurance. You can kick some serious ass, and you often do. So yeah. Bad ass!

  10. I'm thinking your legs are looking great!

  11. We do tend to focus on the negative. Good for you in bringing the positive back into the forefront of your mind, and all of your readers!

  12. wow i am jealous those legs are faboulous!!

    I see that I am a great person
    I am trying my best with what I have.

  13. You really do have fabulous legs! :)

  14. Your legs inspire me! Hopefully someday I'll have legs as nice as yours!

  15. I see nice legs :)

    I don't know why we are so hard on ourselves. I always think my knees look so goofy.

    Also, don't forget your hair. I love your hair. And your smile :)

  16. I see a post that made me smile *smile*. You do have great legs. You are right we do need to focus on our positives thanks for reminding me.

  17. Great gams! We are so hard on ourselves! Loved this post! Loved your pics of your walk!

  18. WOW! Those are legs to kill for!
    Like a 20 year old's!
    And don't forget your wickedclever sense of humour!