Monday, July 13, 2009

Yesterday's walk....

So my plan was to do my leg exercises, which i did. Then i was going to go on a short walk before having to get ready for work! Well i get to the half-way point of my walk and i thought to myself why go for the short workout why not go for the whole monte :) So i did, not only did i do that but i stopped at the playground and did the tricep dips and the pullups AND i did an extra one of each :) You can't stop me now!!!


  1. Great job! Dips are hard on the triceps - I always feel those the next day.

  2. Very nice! Pull ups, ooh...Someday I will do those!
    You're incredible!!

    My best

  3. ooohhh - I love it! Why not! Yep, you did it! I think that's the trick about getting up and moving. It's a bear to find the motivation to just get up and do it but once your up and moving, why not keep going?

  4. I think I get more nature in your posts than I do from being out in nature.

  5. I would be sat on that bench (or lying prone on it) to take the photos, lol!

    Well done you - great walk and lovely shots.