Monday, July 20, 2009

You've got to wonder!!

Okay i usually wear an omron pedometer which i find to be very dependable!!

Occasionally i've read other blogs where they describe what they do in a day which doesn't seem too over the top and have 12,000-14,000 steps in a day! Where as i fight to get over 10,00 steps in.

Anyway the Canadian space agency was giving away free pedometers. So of course it's a freebie and i'm going to try to get one. It came today. Now today is a very small step day as i'm basically just running around the house doing last minute things before Jen gets here. So i put both the pedometers on. The omron says i've taken 1,302 steps as of noon hour and the Canadian space center one which i put on an hour after the omron one says 3,607!!

So i guess the space center one is going in a drawer in my kitchen, an although it's hard for me to get my steps in on the omron one at least i know it's accurate!!

Beware of cheap pedometers, they are not all accurate.


  1. Maybe the steps count for more in Canada, what with the North Pole and all.
    Maybe they make them like high-priced dresses. Designed to be a little flattering?
    Maybe they are just cheap!
    My cheap pedometer counts each "bounce" so I just divide the number in half...

    That's why I don't trust scales, either!

  2. One small step for womankind = alot of steps i guess.
    must be the metric system

  3. I have never had a pedometer, but it sounds interesting. I might have to look into one at some point. I am glad you found one that works well for you.

  4. It took me a few tries to find a good, fairly accurate pedometer. I've heard from others too that the Omron is a good make.

    I use the Shoppers Drug Mart brand. I think it cost me about $15 plus tax and it's quite accurate.

    I've noticed, though, that I've got to wear the right pants: not too tight, not too loose, waistband at waist level--half the steps don't register when I wear hip-huggers. Yoga pants are good for accurate step counting. They also recommend that you wear the pedometer as close to the middle of your body as possible. Sort of just to the side of the zipper. So complicated, but worth it!

  5. I know on my Omron you have to set the stride length. If the strides are set differently, one will register a different number of steps than the other.

  6. I have that same pedometer, the battery went dead on me though so haven't gotten a new one, maybe I'll order one tomorrow since I'm going back to walking.

  7. I beware of em all--and less because I dont wanna know my steps (Im totally mildly curious!) but because they make me crazyandFRUSTRATED.

  8. I have the same Omron and I love it. I have had other pedometers and they always seemed to overstate my steps, as you said. I know that Omron has a feature so that it doesn't record when less than ten steps are taken at a time(or something like that). So that helps prevent non-steps from being accidentally counted.

  9. I have the same Omron as you and I love it! I think it is MUCH more accurate than others. Go Omron!