Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to work today :)

But not before i go out on another hot n' sweaty walk!!

Lately i've been trying to make sure that my calories aren't under 1,200, however the scale has also been going up a bit. There might be a couple of factors for that so i'm not too worried. I'll wait a few weeks and see if i can shake things up a bit, after my surgery.

One thing that has been great is that i'm not hungry! And am very satisfied with what i eating.

Anyone else sometimes have problems getting enough calories in??? And if you upped them what happened??


  1. Im sooooo glad you did too!!! thank you so much for your sweet comment...cannot wait to talk more with you:-)

  2. I think your concern is getting enough nutrion, which is partly based on calories. My suggestion is to make sure you eat something first thing when you wake up and every four hours have at least a snack of something, preferable something healthy like a pear.
    Your doing great! Keep your head up!

  3. Getting the calories IN is not my problem, getting them OFF once they are in, is my current problem. I can't walk long enough, or fast enough to justify the calories I'm eating. A little adjustment is in order, I fear. :)

  4. I never consume less than 1400 in a day, so that's not a problem for me. I find a spoon of nut butter can get me in some good fats and protein without making me full.

  5. Unfortuanately, I very rarely have the problem of not eating enough calories! Just doesn't happen for me!