Friday, August 21, 2009


I must admit having to slow down is really hard for me. I'm so used to working for 8 hours on my feet and going for an hour walk before work and then having energy left :)

Today i did what i was going to do but i'm done for the day now! Got home and was checking out my camera when i realized that the memory card that i had been using wouldn't fit the new camera. I had to buy a sony one to fit. Not only that but when i finally got it working i couldn't for the life of me figure how to upload from this camera onto my computer!! I finally figured it out but i was getting totally frustrated.

I will be so glad when i'm back to myself.


  1. Breathe in...breathe out! Take this break as a wonderful regeneration of your energy and your well being. When you get the go-ahead to be set free and be your active self you will be refreshed and ready to take off running!

  2. It will come back!! You will be spunkier than ever if thats even a word....Praying for you today!!

  3. Sometimes a break is just what your body needs anyway. Try to enjoy it. It's only temporary.

  4. Sounds like the recovery is going well, it's always hard to have to give your body a rest.

  5. I'm happy your frustrations have subsided. They have right?

    Suzi--you're too spunky to be "down" too long!

    Glad you're back!

    My best