Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm going to have to be careful!!

So last night i took a pill the Dr prescribed for me to sleep. It's actually an anti-depressant but works to help you sleep.

When i got up this morning i was staggering!! When that finally went away all i wanted to do was eat which i did. I will have to make an effort to limit what i have when i first get up.

I got up had a nice breakfast, was still hungry so i ate one of my planned snacks for the day, and then i ate my other planned snack and then it went downhill fast from there!!

And i was tired up until around 2 this afternoon. So i think tonight my plan is to just try 1/2 a pill just enough to help me sleep with a few less side effects. Oh and tomorrow i go back to work so i definitely want to be awake for that :)

Hope you guys are having a better day than i am.


  1. Maybe take the pill a little earlier than you plan to go to bed so it wears off sooner too??? Just a thought.

  2. Hang in there SPUNKY your spunk will return...get you some sleep and tomorrow will be better..

  3. Nighty, night. Hope you wake up bright eyed and spunky in the morning and your first day back at work isn't to ruff!

  4. Back to work so soon? No time to play?
    You'll be happy to get back into a routine, eh?

  5. That sounds like some powerful stuff! Yikes! GOod luck trying half a pill!

  6. Dang, that's kind of scary. Hope you're able to work something out with that thing :)

  7. how are you this morning?!
    head all clear and feeling better?

    do keep us posted Suzi...

  8. I hope having just half the pill helps without the side effects.